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Language Barrier: How "Blood Money" Becomes "Business Opportunities" By Chris Floyd  OpEdNews.com May 24, 2003 • The Bush Tax HIKE Jesse Lee, OpEdNews.com 5/23

• Graham's God and George's Evolution Depression & Devotion: the Bush Pathology Dr. Gerry Lower OpEdNews.com 5/23

• Blacks, Jews and Uncle Sam Seth Sandronsky  OpEdNews.Com May 23, 2003

• Whither American Nationalism? by Ahmad Faruqui opednews.com May 22, 2003

Waggy Dog Stories By PAUL KRUGMAN  "You want to win this election, you better change the subject. You wanna change this subject, you better have a war," Robert DeNiro in WAG THE DOG   NY Times 5/30

Rhenquist Suprise; He supports Women Michael Kinsley, Wash Post 5/30 Maybe Nixon Appointee Rehnquist is getting old and seeing the error of his despicable ways.

Your Rights: Use 'Em or Lose 'Em Rachel Neumann, AlterNet 5/30

Chretien was right to challenge Bush on budget before the G8 meeting Toronto Star 5/30

Democrats: Profiles In Spinelessness Arianna Huffington The "opposition party" is so paralyzed by the fear of saying something attackable, they have become impotent when it comes to challenging Bush on tax cuts and Iraq TomPaine.org

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Mr Blair may survive this failure to find weapons. But what about his credibility? Tony Blair staked his personal credibility and his political survival on the justness of the war with Iraq. He will survive, but his credibility with voters will never be the same again independent UK 5/29

WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF US? Richard Reeves, "At the time, did the people involved in the slave trade see slavery as an evil -- as we do now?" Yahoo, 5/28

In-a-Gadda Da-Vida We Trust MAUREEN DOWD NY Times, 5/28


The Right's Take on the FCC Handout to Big Media ; Rush Limbaugh

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Caught in the Squeeze On Tuesday President Bush signed a bill that will increase the federal debt by nearly a trillion dollars. And the working class is the big loser.By Bob Herbert NY Times, 5/28

Big Media is losing credibility fight Antonia Zerbisias Toronto Star, 5/28

Artful lies for the sake of peace Richard Gwynn Toronto Star 5/28

Inevitably, The Politics Of Terror Fear Has Become Part Of Washington's Power Struggle E.J. Dionne, Wash Post. 5/25

For Partisan Gain, Republicans Decide Rules Were Meant to Be Broken By ADAM COHEN NY Times, 5/27 Crooked republicans are going beyond nasty to unethical, illegal and unconstitutional

Image Makers Obscure President 's Policy Failures Michael Katz Berkeley Daily Planet, 5/27

The Intoxication of the "Neo-Con" Intellectuals   By Jean Daniel  jdaniel@nouvelobs.com   Le Nouvel Observateur

Lionized in Winter At 85, Robert Byrd has become an overnight Internet sensation and the Senate's unlikeliest liberal Matthew Cooper Time, 6/2

The Fictional War On Terrorism Ted Rall, AlterNet 5/27

The lunatics are now in charge of the asylum." Paul Krugman, NY Times "the people now running America aren't conservatives: they're radicals who want to do away with the social and economic system we have, and the fiscal crisis they are concocting may give them the excuse they need."

What is Your Government Not Telling you? Joe Klein, Time 6/2

Was war justified? Bianca Jagger says Blair was "deluded" BBC

Back in Political Forefront, Iran-Contra Figure ELliot Abrams Plays Key Role on Mideast Michael Dobbs  Wash. Post 5/27

The power of one Weak nations will succumb to American ambition unless we insist on respecting sovereignty, writes Martin Jacques. Guardian 5/26

Frightening!  The Young Hipublicans College conservatives have learned that by acting like everybody else, they can sway their peers and become the most influential political act on campus. NY Times Magazine 5/25  The Right wing think tanks are investing millions in building this base. The left needs a similar plan. Failure to do so will cede leadership of the US to the right wing.

Who Do You Trust? by Catharine Cooper
 What if everything you read in the newspapers was a fabrication? LA Times

Bush unchallenged by media Linda McQuaig, Toronto Star, 5/25 "media docility has allowed the Bush administration to go largely unchallenged as it adopts the mantle of an imperial presidency."

Stand Up For Iraqi Women Elizabeth Goitein Washington Post, 5/24

Moyers on Journalism, Candor and Memorial Day Now With BillMoyers, May 23

My LifeLog, and Yours The military is about to build the most aggressive, complete database on your life ever created. Charles Paul Freund Reason, 5/23

  •Abortion politics -- Bush-style Arthur Caplan
MSNBC 5/23

Warning to Bush from contrite cold war veteran
Fiachra Gibbons, arts correspondent, in Cannes Robert McNamara, the US defence secretary during the Cuban missile crisis and the first phases of the Vietnam war, has warned of the folly of American involvement in Iraq. Guardian, 5/23

Theological Science Fiction Why The Matrix matters Gregory Benford Reason, 5/23

Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death " Broadcast for the First Time Ever in the US: Eyewitnesses Testify that US Troops Were Complicit in the Massacre of up to 3,000 Taliban Prisoners During the Afghan War democracynow.org

• Operation: Fantasy America Stephen Blackburn, The television series "24" paralleled and refracted the Bush administration's own drive to war. The difference was, it gave liberals a president they could adore.  AlterNet May 23

• The Great Media Gulp By William Safire  "The overwhelming amount of news and entertainment comes via broadcast and print. Putting those outlets in fewer and bigger hands profits the few at the cost of the many."   "Does that sound un-conservative? Not to me. The concentration of power -- political, corporate, media, cultural -- should be anathema to conservatives. The diffusion of power through local control, thereby encouraging individual participation, is the essence of federalism and the greatest expression of democracy." NY Times, 5/23

archived before May 22, 2003

• Bush Law Lowers the Quality of Education As States Cut Test Standards to Avoid Sanctions By Sam Dillon NY TImes, 5/22

• THE ROVING EYE The masters of the univers e By Pepe Escobar  The Bilderberg Club Asia Times 5/22

• The United Nations Backs Down Ian Williams, The same members of the Security Council who opposed the war rolled over to support the U.N. resolution that legalizes the occupation of Iraq. Alternet.org 5/22

• Iraq's Silenced Majority Building democracy is a long-term process, but enabling women to lead and participate in all aspects of Iraqi society can begin immediately. Zainab Al-Suwaij NY Times, 5/23

•Dancing With the Devil Why are the hapless Dixie Chicks facing more criticism than Halliburton, the slithery multinational that has made zillions doing business in countries that sponsor terrorism Bob Herbert NY Times, 5/22

•Um, Folks, This Doesn't Look Like Victory Molly Ivins,  Good thing we won the war, because the peace sure looks like a quagmire.AlterNet 5/22

Congress Watches its Power Ebb Gail Russell Chaddock, Christian Science Monitor, 5/21

The Silencing of Dissent on Graduation Day Amy Goodman, Chris Hedges, Democracy Now! alternet, 5/22

Leaving the EPA - Don't Cry for Christie Laura Flanders  San Fran. Chronicle 5/22

Nuclear War on the Hill Wash Post 5/21

The United Nations Backs Down Ian Williams, Alternet, 5/22

The world according to Google Ruth Rosen SF Chronicle, 5/22

What news of the occupation? Rumsfield's Gone AWOL Jon Carroll, SF Chronicle, 5/22

Don't Lift The Sanctions Yet Rahul Mahajan

The Green Party Dilemma If the Greens decide not to run a presidential candidate in 2004, will they be helping progressives defeat Bush, or giving in to corporate politics?
Kirstin Marr, Robert Miranda, Green Party Alternet 5/21

In terror bombings, it's a cult of killing Richard Gwynn Toronto Star, 5/21

Silencing the voices The U.S. war in a Iraq was the stage for one of the most shameful displays of U.S. journalism this country has witnessed. Kathryn Casa, Brattleboro Reformer, 5/16

Perle's actions indefensible in light of Bush vow John Kass Chicago Tribune May 21

Saving Private Lynch: Take 2 Robert Scheer, AlterNet 5/20

"You Talk of Freedom; You Detest Freedom" A Letter to President Bush By Adolfo Perez Esquivel counterpunch.org

Ari Fleischer Quits the Scene: The Liar's Gone, the Enablers Remain Dave Lindorff counterpunch.org, 5/21

We have a minimum wage - now let's set a maximum Martin Kettle, Guardian 5/21

Will the FCC Help Big Media Get Even Bigger?" Fair.org 5/20

NY Times Reporter Booed Off The Stage for Anti-War Speech

Text of the Rockford College graduation speech by Chris Hedges

America first the Iraq conflict accelerated the crisis in the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO Larry Elliott Guardian 5/21

A Robert Byrd  in Hand Is Worth Two Bushes James Ridgeway truthout.org

Despite Intimidation, Their War is Still Fraudulent Ramzy Baroud

Victims of a Republican Plot The Dixie Chicks Cross the Road Dave Marsh & Lee Ballinger OpEdNews.Com 5/19

Dividend Voodoo Warren Buffett Washington Post 5/20

Get Clinton: the plot laid bare Sidney Blumenthal the sinister 'Arkansas Project', which aimed to topple the president. The Guardian, 5/20

Iraq showdown: Winners and losers Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, 5/21

Forest Service cuts down public trust Martha Ezzard Alanta Journal-Constitution 5/20

Bush makes sure gun lobby gets what it wants "Bush and the people around him are National Rifle Association finger puppets. The NRA twitches, they bow. " By TOM TEEPEN Alanta Journal-Constitution 5/20

Diplomatic Bonfires Everything seems to be going wrong in the Middle East, and President Bush has himself to blame in part. NY Times 5/20

McDonald's a "Green Business"? I Resign Paul Hawken commondreams.org 5/20

What Else Hasn 't Israel Told America? Ramsey Baroud, Palestine Chronicle

Piss on the People to Save Them; Leo Strauss' Philosophy of Deception By Jim Lobe The Neocon Philsophy is Based on Lying, on Pushing Religion without leaders practiicing it. AlterNet. 5/19

Strange Weather Lately Kurt Vonnegut,
Conservatives want us to believe the sky is falling so they can rescue us. Mark Twain wouldn't have fallen for it. In These Times 5/19

Desperate measures Iraqi children are tampering with dumped ammunition to help feed their hungry families. Their deaths come as no  surprise to aid workers in Basra,  Dominic Nutt Guardian May 19 2003

When democracy can destroy democracy Janadas Devan The Straits Times, May 3

Riyadh bombings debunk three U.S. claims Haroon Siddiqui Toronto Star 5/18

Cool heads are hard to find these days

Molly Ivins Embarrass Texas? That's a tough job these days, but ... Creators Syndicate, 05/18

Security breach The ability to assemble a domestic security apparatus comes with an obligation to guard how it is used. Star-Telegram, 05/18

Praise the Lord, pass the votes Will Hutton: The Republicans' pact with the religious Right reflects a growing divide between the US and other nations. The Guardian, 5/18

Barbs aside, 9/11 questions aren't going away Michele Landsberg Toronto Star 5/18 article refers to this

Public policy is a child's third parent By Mike Phillips Scripps Howard Newspapers May 18

Democrats have their issue: It's health care Phil. Inquirer, 5/18

Iraqi democracy means a free press Antonia Zerbisias Toronto Star 5/18

Judging the occupation Michael Moran, Iraq setbacks are unique, but there are echoes from 1945, MSNBC, 5/16

Lauding King is fine, but deeds count James W. Bronson, Memphis Flyer, 5/18

More power than the CIA and military need By Robyn Blumner Expansion of domestic investigation powers has been stopped-- for now. St. Petersburg Times, 05/18

How we use our strength will say everything about us U.S. efforts at ridding the world of terrorists are admirable. That doesn't make us smarter and more decent than others. Phil. Inquirer, 5/18

Democrat hopefuls lack clarity David Olive Toronto Star 5/18

Stomping on the vestiges of bipartisanship By Mario Perez It is apparent that the only community that matters to some people consists of Republicans in Washington. Star-Telegram, 05/18

Now, for Saudis, it's personal Martin Regg Cohn Toronto Star 5/18

Return to Ethiopia Bob Geldof The Guardian, 5/17

If Bush Was Popular, We Wouldn't Need Polls to Convince Us Matt Peiken commondreams.org 5/16

America's Moral Meltdown; Those from whom we do expect virtue are letting us down, Arthur Caplan, MSNBC, 5/16

Antisemitism Among Progressives, Liberals and The Antiwar Movement Rob Kall OpEdNews.com 5/17

Now we have to think again Mary Riddell: If the war in Iraq was a gift to bin Laden, then the Saudi bombings were a thank you note.

The Propaganda of Fear: the  neoconservative assault on Truth, Civil Liberties, and the Planet Norlyn Dimmit

Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy (bring to a boil, add oil, then bomb)\. Arundhati Roy

When truth is under attack The Observer Bullying journalists endangers us all.

So what was the war for? Robert Fisk

Condy Rice's Yipping Tirades; Who Let the Dogs Out? By RON JACOBS

All the President's Girls By NORA EPHRON
It has become horribly clear to me that I am probably the only young woman who ever worked in the Kennedy White House whom the president did not make a pass at.

The Fabulist (By Michael Kinsley)

Paths of Glory By PAUL KRUGMAN The Iraq war did nothing to make America safer. In fact, it did the terrorists a favor.

The US was wrong to go in - but now it must not leave Hugo Young "The failure of the weapons to turn up....  should leave a permanent scar on the credibility of anything any government has to say about war and intelligence. It reminds us that when a war script has been written, the end is taken to justify any political means."

Don't cry for Clare George Monbiot: As Tony Blair's licensed rebel, Short appeased the powerful and brushed the poor aside.

Bush Fails to Understand the Difference Between Old and New Friends Rob Kall, editor, OpEdNews.com

The Women Like This War By William Rivers Pitt  

Why friends of Israel should see Gaza
David Aaronovitch:

 No crisis on the federal bench Ellen Goodman

Freedom Under Fire: the ACLU

Understanding the Hawks: Part III The Road to Saudi Arabia Jesse Lee

Adolf Hitler Versus George Bush Patrick Fish

Homeland Security Department Used to Track Texas Democrats Glenn W. Smith

Bucking the Texas Lockstep Molly Ivins "Creepin' fascism. That's what we're lookin' at."

GOP splits over tough tactics on Bush judges By Alexander Bolton

Bush economics / Selling the wrong product

The 14 Defining Characteristics Of Fascism by Dr. Lawrence Britt

Secret November Deal for Iraq's Oil The Pentagon and Halliburton By JASON LEOPOLD

Baghdad's blundering victors Gordon Barthos Is Washington's new hard-nosed viceroy in Iraq -- diplomat Paul Bremer -- a stand-up comic? Blind as a bat? Or an artful liar? Shell-shocked Iraqis have been mulling the possibilities.

Winners, Losers and Gimmicks Wash. Post

Europe won 't be fooled again Olivier Roy

The Guantánamo Scandal New York Times

All the news that's fit to print? Hardly Antonia Zerbisias What a wonderful excuse for the wrong-headed right to blame affirmative action for this debacle.

Rumsfeld's Dr. Strangelove Keith Payne says 7,000 warheads aren't enough. By Fred Kaplan

Are We Safer? Stephen F. Cohen asks if the invasion of Iraq has made the world a more stable, secure place. 

Banter with "Fricken Idiots" Evil is as Evil Does by Mark Zepezauer

BushCo Reams Nation Good;
No WMDs after all, no excuse for war, too late for anyone to care anymore. Ha-ha, suckers
Mark Morford

archived before May 22, 2003

Challenges facing the U.S. in Iraq "the Bush administration did not even begin to understand the scale of what it was going to have to do after the invasion."

The Debate to End All Debate Norman Ornstein "For a short-term victory now, Republicans would reap the whirlwind."

ChickenHawk Republican GI Record; Hypocrite is spelled with an R

Bush's Brain Rove in the Limelight David S. Broder "Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make famous."

Globalization's Evil Offspring Jim Hoagland

Corporate Call to Inaction By Fred Hiatt

Bush's short-term dollars make no long-term sense Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Keep strict rules for megafarms Atlanta Journal- Constitution Federal Environmental Protection Agency is cooking up a plan that could let some of the nation's biggest corporate farmers out of complying with the Clean Air Act.

Tulia Travesty: Misconduct may go deeper than rogue cop It is bad enough that dozens of black Texans were convicted on the uncorroborated word of a now discredited white undercover officer. But a court filing now suggests the Swisher County prosecutor, also white, knew his key witness couldn't be trusted.

The End of the Internationalist Experiment of the Twentieth Century   By Corine Lesnes

Dems On The Lam Jim Caddell

The Salience of Kashmir; The World's Other Nuclear Hot Spot Ahmad Faruqui

Understanding the Hawks: Part II The Real Threats  by Jesse Lee

Bush and Saddam: Star-crossed enemies, secret allies? Maralyn Lois Polak

Not Finding Weapons of Mass Destruction a Crucial Detail Molly Ivins

From pots to politics Naomi Klein: Argentina was eager for change, yet is about to elect a discredited has-been as president.

US Media Helped Bush Sell the War

U.S. overreacting to Shiites' Iraq-Iran nexus Haroon Siddiqui

Yanks go home The UN should resist the US steamroller and press for an early end to the occupation of Iraq Jonathan Steele

From Cold War to Holy War
By Henry C K Liu

Battling for the soul of the American republic
By Ahmad Faruqui

Season of the Witch Hunts; One on One with Joe McCarthy by WILLIAM MANDEL

War and Intelligence Seymour M. Hersh looks at a small circle of analysts and advisers at the Pentagon who came to rival the C.I.A. as the President's primary source of intelligence about Iraq; Hersh reports that questions have been raised about the integrity of the intelligence the group relied on.

A Nation Of Cowards by Sidney Hall Jr.

Why Empires Strike Out Michael Elliot, on problems with Imperialism

How to Build a Better Democrat: Fire the consultants, find some core values and speak from the heart, and then maybe one of the candidates will have a chance against Bush Joe Klein

The GOP attack machine All who are not Bushies are evil BY DAN KENNEDY

The Reality of the Judicial 'Crisis'
NY Times President Bush got it wrong last week when he blamed Senate Democrats for the impasse over his judicial nominees.

What Happens When People Give up on Democracy? "Politics hates a vacuum. If it isn't filled with hope, someone will fill it with fear." Elections vs. Democracy in Argentina Naomi Klein

archived before May 20, 2003

 Canada: Why help U.S. create a system that will eventually lead to the unthinkable: A nuclear attack on a 'rogue' country Linda McQuaig

Dissent is a Great American Tradition Helen Thomas:

 The Jerry Bruckheimer White House Frank Rich

The New Newsspeak, Russell Smith

Enemy Within; Democratic candidates need to stop attacking one another, and start attacking Bush.  Robert Kuttner

 White House press secretary shows little regard for truth Houston Chronicle

Q&A: Anita Roddick's Kind of Revolution Lakshmi Chaudhry, AlterNet

Look Good, Act Cool By MAUREEN DOWD

Senator Santorum's Dept of Sexual Security; Mark Fiore Animation

A Clash of Personal Freedom and Common Good Ronald Brownstein,

Looking for Hope in an Apartheid Monster's Eyes Rachel L. Swarns

Korea's New Wave Suki Kim Young Koreans believe that the Korean War was never truly a civil war, but rather a proxy conflict for the cold war enemies, and they blame the United States for standing in the way of re-unification.

Canadian Broadcaster: U.S. government's "official" version of 9/11 is the greatest deception ever launched." By Joyce Lynn

Yale's Succession of Presidents

Karl Rove's Campaign Strategy: It's the Terror, Stupid Francis X. Clines

The two faces of Rumsfeld

Where, oh where, are the WMDs? Molly Ivins

The Moral Imperative George Lakoff says that conservatives know how to influence voters, and Democrats haven't a clue. It's all in their language

Another first for the Bush regime?
Combining biological and economic warfare By Wayne Madsen

War and Intelligence Seymour M. Hersh looks at a small circle of analysts and advisers at the Pentagon who came to rival the C.I.A. as the President's primary source of intelligence about Iraq; Questions have been raised about the integrity of the intelligence the group relied on.

Many Americans Follow War on BBC
John Nichols

The Enemy Within Gore Vidal

archived before May 18, 2003

Mothers doing what? Ruth Rosen

Understanding the Hawks: Part I of 3 Philosophical and Geopolitical Roots by Jesse Lee

Jet-Boy Bush Went AWOL When It Mattered, Media Paid No Mind Bill Gallagher "The cable news networks have become essentially the government news service, the American Pravda."

Intelligence Fiasco: Not Worth the Paper It's Written On? By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

Those who built up Hussein will profit from his demise Margie Burns 

Faith & Freedom Karen Armstrong With a tradition of justice and secularism, there is no reason to fear Iraq's Shia resurgence.

Trouble in Bush's America Bob Herbert

Jim Crow revived/sp/in cyberspace  By Martin Luther King III and Greg Palast

Bush Regime Playing Card Deck

The Invisible Bush Cabinet Timothy Noah and Avi Zenilman

America Stumbling Along in Iraq Harroon Siddiqui "Petty and vindictive, George W. Bush is also freezing out France, Russia and Germany at a time when Iraq can use all the international assistance it can get."

A shift in China's leadership style? JOSHUA EISENMAN CHINA'S initial Sars cover-up, resulting in the dismissal of key officials and the outbreak of riots, has brought to light two primary truths.

How The War On Terrorism Has Gone Way Too Far Carol Marin

Unpatriotic moments Forrest Carr, News Director of WFLA TV, Tampa,  Anyone who has spent more than five minutes in a television newsroom knows that viewer feedback is a major fact of life for broadcast journalists. Most of us have come to accept, even appreciate, the constant coverage criticism, but recently a new and

Bush's War on Jesus John Stanton Bush's vengeful persona and his penchant for the spectacle in public office have been in contradistinction to all the teachings and actions of the Son of Man.

Bechtel's Nuclear Nightmares
By: Pratap Chatterjee

Bush's Top Gun Speech Matthew Rothschild

Strong Must Rule the Weak, said Neo-Cons' Muse Jim Lobe

Why Dean is still the Democrat to watch Howard Fineman

Karl Rove; Counting Votes While the Bombs Drop James C. Moore

Here's a Model for How to Shape a Muslim State Bill Keller

Dennis Miller; Comedian and Right Wing Zealot, Bush Lover

Bah, Wilderness! Reopening a Frontier to Development Timothy Egan

Joe McCarthy Smiles from his Grave by Allen Snyder

Is Bush a War Criminal?
By Dave Chandler

The virus that has infected the American mind Ken Hillman

 Ex-weapons inspector and former Marine Scott Ritter is calling for regime change in Washington. By Jan Barry

Fortunate Son Bush's game of dress-up is a prelude to the smearing of some Democrat's military record. By Michael Tomasky

EU and Whose Army? By Harold Meyerson "In their commitment both to multilateralism and a mixed economy, the Europeans often seem a good deal closer than the current administration does to the America that emerged from World War II. Let them have their army. Without the Old Europe, where could we still see the Old America?"

Our military forces deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and not used as stage props to embellish a presidential speech. Sen Robert Byrd

archived before May 15, 2003

A License for Power: Paul Starr on the FCC's plans to make the media behemoths more dominant than ever.

Real American agenda now becoming clear Haroon Siddiqui

The TowerGate Cover-up Jim Caddell

all's well that ends well obey without question; Patrick Farley great slide show

Auditioning for Senator McCarthy NY Times Congress's release this week of some of the more odious McCarthy archives is a welcome renewal of cautionary history.

Is You Wicked? Maureen Dowd A British comedian in hip-hop disguise is dressing down the likes of James Baker and Donald Hilarious

FBI Takes Up Heavy Load of Corporate Fraud Probes

Taking it off the streets John Leo "Increasingly, protesters are being banished to faraway sites."

The newest war hawks Gloria Borger "Today, women view national security as a domestic issue."

Inverted Totalitarianism Sheldon Wolin The Bush regime is effecting a transformation to a fascist-like state.

Top Gun at Job Destruction by Katrina vanden Heuvel

 How the World Bank is cooking the books George Monbiot

How Not to Count the Poor Sanjay G Reddy and Thomas W Pogge

Man on Horseback Paul Krugman There was a time when patriotic Americans would have denounced any president who tried to take political advantage of his role as commander in chief.

Missing in Action: Truth Nicholas D. Kristof There are indications that the U.S. government manipulated intelligence, exaggerating the Iraqi threat to win support for the war.

Where Do the Neocons Go from Here?After Iraq, their influence at the White House may be ebbing Richard Dunham

The Pentagon's one-size-fits-all 'liberation' is a disaster in Iraq Jonathan Steele in Baghdad

Stop The FCC From Making Local Radio Extinct

A pocketknife, and life's big questions Joan Ryan

Time to unlock American values

George W. Christ? William Rivers Pitt

Lessons in Death, Born in the USA Michael Schwalbe

What Europe has to do to avoid becoming a US vassal Simon Tisdall

Get off the Phone drivers chatting on cell phones suffered slower reaction times, took longer to stop and missed more roadside warning signs than drivers who were legally drunk.

The world won't forgive or forget Peter Preston

A Different Approach for the 2004 Campaign Fair

Getting Shot on the Oakland Docks Scott Fleming

Tax Cut  is Blatant Flimflam.William Raspberry:

The Carolina Nine WILLIAM SAFIRE Safire's a right winger, but his observations are useful.

Support OpEdNews With a Contribution. As of today, our pay is averaging ten cents an hour. We love this work, but love to eat and pay our mortgage and kids' college tuition too.

The Brawl Over Judges NY Times

The Faces of Budget Cuts Bob Herbert
Thousands of Oregon residents are in serious need of medical care but they have been cut from essential programs because of the state's budget meltdown.

Up Against Wal-Mart Mother Jones

The Falluja Syndrome Matthew Rothschild

Bah, Wilderness! Reopening a Frontier to Development

Campaign Documents Show Depth of Bush Fund-Raising

Rescue's Just Not Part of the Plan Michael Powell) "maybe the cautionary lesson is that cities and states can drop nearly dead"

Remorse? It's Business As usual for Corporate America

A Mean-Spirited America Today, I fear my own government more than I do terrorists Jill Nelson

At The Turning Of The Tide William Rivers Pitt

The Iceman Cometh By Maureen Dowd

It's Emerson's Anniversary and He's Nailed 21st-Century America Adam Cohen

Leo-Cons: A Classicist's Legacy: New Empire Builders, James Atlas, about the the NeoCon's inspiration, Leo Strauss

 How Tom DeLay Became Unbalanced Michael Kinsley

Up Against Wal-Mart By Karen Olsson

Inverted Totalitarianism The Bush regime is effecting a transformation to a fascist-like state. Sheldon Wolin

'A kind, really nice boy' Nick Cohen: What drives Western Muslim adolescents into the arms of fundamentalism and deliberate death?

Bush's Top Gun Photo-Op David Corn,

Listen Up, Democrats: Why 2004 Isn't 1992

Rolling Back May Day Matt Harwood, Even the eight-hour workday is in danger from a White House bent on destroying the hard-won gains of American workers.

Female Fedayeen Chris Johnson, As men furiously debate Iraq's future behind closed doors, these young women in Baghdad say they are ready to attack U.S. troops.

Envisioning the Anatomy of A Tough Liberal Candidate by Rob Kall

Humor: Animals All Around Us, By Jack Handey

Misguided Cuts in Washington NY Times "Bush Plays Fiscal Nero"

The Acid Test By PAUL KRUGMAN losing the war against corporate insiders & malefactors.

Media Monopolies Have Muzzled Dissent Ian Masters

Humpty Dumpty in Baghdad. Robert Dreyfuss How the Pentagon plans to dominate postwar Iraq

Take Back the Air Waves! A May Day Message to the FCC: "We are Many; They are Few" Ian Boal

Trickle Down Means Trickle On Patrick Fish

A Confederacy of Amnesiacs\. Jon Carroll

Teaching Kids a Lesson :"Something Ugly is happening in Oregon" Bob Herbert

The Crime Of The Century: A Never-Ending "War Against Terrorism" Thom Hartmann

Battling for the Soul of the American Republic; Strategic Myopia About the Middle East Ahmad Faruqui

Meet The Mullah Omar of Pennsylvania Santorum: That's Latin for a**hole By Jeffrey St. Clair

Vilified weapons inspectors may have got it right Marian Wilkinson

One more Middle East Peace Plan Haroon Siddiqui Toronto Star

Rx Addicts Loath to Admit Natural Medicine is Effective Dr Ian Brighthope, pres. of the Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia

"Everybody stay tuned. You're going to see a lot of good things happening. The cavalry is coming." Sheldon Drobny, founder of Anshel progressive radio network, on the Thom Hartmann radio talk show.

Why has The West Wing stopped dodging bullets? Scott Feschuk

Post - Iraq era cause for optimism National Business Review The Cassandras of the Left are vociferously propagating the view that the Bush administration will further the re-ordering of its foreign policy with major changes in global economic policy

President GORE; A Look Back Ted Rall

The hunter who lost his way Anne Karpf: His pursuit of Nazis was vital, but Simon Wiesenthal ended up promoting a mystifying view of the Holocaust.

Rupert Murdoch a threat to UK TV  "this corrupter of politicians" Polly Toynbee

To tell the truth is not George W. Bush's game  Ed Garvey

archived before May 8, 2003

A Judicial Witch Hunt NY Times

Hypocrisy & Apple Pie By Maureen Dowd

Jay Leno: "President Bush is Worried that Religious Fundamentalists will Over-run Iraq. Hey, if it's good enough for the Republican party..."

We went to war just to boost the white male ego Norman Mailer

Fleecing The Family by Molly Ivins Bush is proposing new rules that would erode the 40-hour workweek and affect more than 80 million workers.

Just Don't Do It by Jeffrey Kaplan and Jeff Milchen If the Court rules for Nike, kiss corporate accountability goodbye.

SPOOKED: Fredric Allen Maxwell It could happen to you!

'Good American' revisionism David Kirby Remembering he Kent State Student Murders

Matters of Emphasis Paul Krugman When the Gov Lies

Beware Long Occupations Christopher Dickey

Santorum and Family Values by Rob Kall

Make Them Accountable by Claudia Slate

The Irrationality of Saddam Hussein; Was Saddam Re-Fighting The Crusades Too? Ahmad Faruqui

Do we come to (dump) hail on GW Caesar, or bury him? Jack Ballinger

The Bums Will Always Lose; How to Give Up Hope - an eXile guide by John Dolan "The bums will always lose, Lebowski! "  editors' note: We don't agree with all this has to say, but it's offers some interesting thoughts, and a Russian perspective.

All the President's Lies; Bush's rhetoric bears no resemblence to his policies. How does he get away with it? By Drake Bennett and Heidi Pauken

Corporations 'License to Kill' Should Be Revoked Robert C. Hinkley

U. S. Iraq Policy for Dummies Bernard Weiner
Whistling Dixie: Joy-Ann Lomena Reid:Grow Up, Country Music Fans. Grow Up, America ...

Revealed: How the road to war was paved with lies By Raymond Whitaker Intelligence agencies accuse Bush and Blair of distorting and fabricating evidence in rush to war>

Snapshot of a nation How Argentina's new president deals with the occupied factories will be hugely significant Naomi Klein

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ToppleGate Matthew Van Deusen

"And Now: 'Operation Iraqi Looting" Frank Rich It's hard to know the extent of the looting of Iraq's art and antiquities, but it's easy to see how little America's leaders cared.

African Americans still have to dream on Heather Stewart

The Pinking of Peace Politics Ashley Nelson

Corporate Crimes: 'Tough Cop' Needed, Not a 'Too Big to Fail' Advocate Ralph Nader

Can the Rich Be Good? Nina Shapiro To help smooth America's growing class divisions, the father of one of the world's richest men is urging the current generation of millionaire Medicis toward social responsibility.

American Power Moves Beyond the Mere Super Greg Easterbrook

He's Out With the In Crowd Maureen Dowd "This clash (between Colin Powell diplomats and Rummy's war first, discuss later) is epochal because it's beyond ego. It's about whether America will lead by fear, aggression and force of arms or by diplomacy, moderation and example."


To Worship Freely, Americans Need a Little Elbow Room By BRENT STAPLES  "The rhetoric coming out of the White House and the G.O.P. these days is in fact of the anti-ecumenical variety associated with hard-core evangelicals who purport to have a finished, proprietary version of divine truth. Mr. Bush has invoked the evangelical war cry, arguing that religion is under attack at a time when it is actually flourishing as never before."

The I.R.S. Goes After the Poor NY Times

Business may try to undo new SEC law Bob Cusack

Rumsfield Fires White So He Can Completely Take Over Military with Neocons Robert Burns

North Korea Has Nukes!!! ...at Least According to Professional Liar James Kelly Cheryl Seal

Save Our Democracy: A Call to Action Steven Hill and Rob Richie

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 Replying to A Right-Winger; on Limbaugh, the constitution, opposing the war, taxes, traitors by Rob Kall

George W. Bush's Resume; Would You Hire This Guy? Kelley Kramer

The Monk in the Lab By Tenzin Gyatso The Dali Lama   His belief that humans can curb dangerous impulses is based not only on spiritual practice and Buddhist teachings, but also on the work of scientists.

The Parents' Bill of Rights Jonathan Rowe,  Gary Ruskin

Ending the Age of Human Rights? By Adam Hochschild

Santorum is worse than a mere bigot Leonard Pitts

President Queeg and the USS America Allen Snyder

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation Laurie Manis

Earth Day 2003 by Jim Caddell

Nelson Mandela, in 1951, on Imperialist America: the ruling circles in America, are determined to perpetuate a permanent atmosphere of crisis and fear in the world.

Do as USA says, not as it does? Julianne Malveaux

Two Men Take Nike to Court Jayson Whitehead

Workplace Flexibility  By Molly Ivins;  New Ways Republicans are screwing workers

Crony Capitalism Goes To War Ariana Huffington

A New War in Washington Jim Lobe

Bush Comes Clean: It Was About the Oil
by Ted Rall

 The Boss rises to Dixie Chicks' defense John Nichols:

Scott Ritter on George Galloway; Dissenting Brit Accused of taking compensation from Iraq

Bush's Buddies' Bogus Blindside Attack Voinovich for Standing up Against Bush Tax Giveaway to Milllionaires; Similar to the Sleaze Move Bush used to attack John McCain When he was ahead in Republican Primary.

Did Bush Deceive Us in His Rush to War? Robert Scheer

Bush Goes AWOL Eric Alterman

The case for war; Was Western intelligence right about Iraq? Paul Reynolds, BBC, Did the US and UK Intelligence Services Blow it? Yes!. Can they be trusted for Reliable informaiton on which to make War decisions? No!
How to hurt public education Barbara Miner

Heading Toward An Historic Mistake Haroon Siddiqui Following the fall of the Taliban, Afghans started shaving their beards. Following the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iraqis are growing theirs.

Toronto: SARS demands political action While this op-ed is about hard-hit Toronto, it applies to the whole world

Editorial: Rush Iraq aid now Toronto Star

A Nation Lost (By James Carroll)

How much does he hate the USA? By Neil Swidey, "In the sinkhole of anti-Americanism in the Middle East, higher education is the last untainted American export."

What if no WMD in Iraq? Alon Ben-Meir

Snob Journalism (By Robert J. Samuelson) Certified, licensed reporters? Bush would love it. So would Saddam.
 A Man Who Writes In an essay written before he was sentenced by the Cuban government to 20 years in prison, the author, RAÚL RIVERO says that he feels no guilt for writing the truth.  Why I'm not ashamed to experiment on animals Nick Wright

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs Paul Krugman Tax cut obsession is destroying jobs Follow the Money William Safire. He's a right winger, but here, he's on target. All the money players who were crying for Iraq to be free of sanctions, now want them to stay, so they can get into position for their piece of the pie. 

Pro-US pundits should get real Peter Scowen

What we can learn from Kuwaiti cereal boxes
 Nicholas D. Kristof

The New Dark Age Ben Okri The War at Home NY Times On almost every front, President Bush's domestic agenda is a disaster, a national train wreck that must be headed off for the country's well-being.
Jon Stewart's Perfect Pitch By Frank Rich

'Our voices are lost in the tide of intolerance sweeping America Tim Robbins

Moderates With New Muscle David S. Broder

Give Us Back Our Democracy Edward Said:

Blinded by the myths of victory Mary Riddell:

Must Iraq Stay Whole? Ralph Peters

Gambling As Policy"Jesse Lee

Shiites eye war of liberation from Americans Robert Fisk

War in Iraq a reason for shame Anthony B. Robinson:

April 19, 1943: Fighting Back Abraham Brumberg
The Most Dangerous President Ever Harold Meyerson No American president has ever played so fast and loose with the well-being of the American people as George W. Bush
Perhaps Saddam's on the beach Maureen Dowd:
Easter's Hawks and Doves Gilles Fraser

Bill Moyers Intvw; Wealth and Plutocracy 

Hawking Syria; Neo-cons Have Long Had Damascus In Their Sites. Jim Lobe, who's probably written more on neocons than anyone.

President Bush 's War at Home Howard Fineman

When Freedom Leads to Anarchy David K. Shipler

Rejecting the World; Neocons oppppose Intergovernmental Cooperation on Global Warming Paul Krugman

Certain Words Can Trip Up AIDS Grants, Scientists Say Erica Goode

You Remember the Democrats, Don't You? Joe Klein

The Sounds of Silence Anna Quindlen

Threats Against Syria Have a Familiar Ring Sheila McCarthy
  A new kind of literacy Susan Greefield

Redefining 'Democracy' as Disorder Robert Kuttner

In black press, war skepticism runs high

Rough road ahead for U.S. Haroon Siddiqui

Liberation is really a state of mind E.R.Shipp

Why The Anti-War Movement Was Right Arianna Huffington
A Job for Unesco William J. Vaneden Heuvel

Filibustering Priscilla Owen's Judgeship NY Times

The Neocons' Next Wish Provides The Democrats With an Important Next Step R. Kall

The War Against Humanity; Targeting the Real Axis of Evil Rob Kall

Cultural identity of Iraq goes up in flames Robert FIsk

Ultimate Insiders Bob Herbert

Saddam is Gone... So What's the Peace Movement's Problem? Patrick Carkin

The Iraq Money Tree NY Times

Behind Our Backs War Works for Domestic Republican Agenda Paul Krugman

A Senseless Salute John Lukacs

The Real War - On American Democracy Thom Hartmann
TRUTH IN EXILE intvw Greg Palast

White House Hubris Will End With Domino Effect of Iraq War Gwynne Dyer

War: Who was it good for?

The Thrill of battle War for many Americans has become something fascinating, glorious, satisfying, charmingly distant and thus quasi-fictional, writes Matthew Engel.

Baathist Redux

Iran: Baathist criminals must be tried to fullest letter of law; But not by US
Gulf News: Baathist Dictatorship NEver Really Supported Palestinians, Rather, Divided Them Abdul Hamid Ahmad

And the Washington Post Interprets Ahmad; Fear, Rethinking in Mideast

Is Bush Reagan Redux? Eleanor Clift Bush wants to starve social programs to pay for massive tax cuts. At least the Gipper was candid about it
Marina Hyde: Of all the tedious people one runs into these days, those who shriek triumphantly "what have the anti-war lot got to say now?" are perhaps the most deserving of being permanently black-listed by amusing society.

Rejoice? Pride just might precede a fall Adele Horin

The Left are the Big Losers, The Right Says, As Baghdad Falls;   What The Left Needs to Do Next Rob Kall

Chaos, or just a little vase they're going through? Antonia Zerbisias

Aftermath: The Bush Doctrine NY Times

Seduced by victory's jig Mike Carlton

Don't look for a reason David Hare: All the explanations for this war are bogus - Bush only invaded Iraq to prove that he could.

Peace Movement Crossroad - Activists Debate Next Step Rene P. Ciria-Cruz,

Are tyrants shocked, awed or stocking up on nukes? Jonathan Freedland:

The Iraqi gravy train Terry Jones

Unfit to Judge; Another Bush Total Loser

Flames engulf the symbols of power Robert Fisk

The Baseball Hall Of Fame  Tolerates No Dissent Ira Berkow

Where's the Outrage? Racism Is OK For House Republicans

The Future of Iraq's Oil NY Times


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