Sunday Homilies for Progressives


My goal is to help progressives see the relevance of the Judeo-Christian tradition to their daily lives and the issues of the day. I would also like to help pastors generate ideas for their own Sunday reflections. The perspective here will be informed by liberation theology and current scripture scholarship.


I began this series of homilies fifteen months ago when I started blogging.


You can access the earlier entries under the "Sunday Homilies" button on my blog site @




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# Type Date Content
1 Article 08/22/2014 (Sunday Homily) The 'Gates of Hell' from Ferguson to Gaza 6 
2 Article 08/15/2014 (Sunday Homily) Jesus Comes Very Close to Rejecting a Palestinian Woman as an Unworthy "B_tch" 8 
3 Article 08/08/2014 (Sunday Homily)Dear Pope Francis: Gaza Needs More than Tears; Please "Walk on Water" for Gazan Children! 16 
4 Article 08/02/2014 (Sunday Homily) Water and Food Are Not Commodities, but Human Rights 12 
5 Article 07/25/2014 (Sunday Homily) Liberation Theology, BRICS and the Untelevised Revolution 4 
6 Article 07/18/2014 (Sunday Homily) Zionists Are Weeds in the Garden of Palestine 6 
7 Article 07/12/2014 (Sunday Homily) The Encouragement We Need: Pete Seeger on Seeds & Sand 5 
8 Article 07/03/2014 "Standing up for War" (a July 4th homily inspired by this Sunday's lectionary) 9 
9 Article 04/25/2014 (Sunday Homily) Christianity Is Communism! Jesus Was a Communist! 38 
10 Article 04/18/2014 (Easter Homily) Pope Francis: Of Course Jesus Arose; Resurrection Is a Law of the Universe! 6 
11 Article 04/12/2014 Palm Sunday Homily:A Recipe for Parish Renewal Inspired by Pope Francis 15 
12 Article 04/04/2014 Sunday Homily: Lazarus come forth! Pope Francis Brings Jesus Back to Life 8 
13 Article 03/21/2014 Sunday Homily: Pope Francis to Women: The Next Pope Should Be One of You! 34 
14 Article 03/14/2014 Sunday Homily: Is Liberation Theology Obsolete? Insights of the Enlightened Jesus 32 
15 Article 03/08/2014 Sunday Homily: Academy Awards, 'Gravity,' Lent and Rebirth 1 
16 Article 02/27/2014 Sunday Homily: Jesus Rejects Money and Work: He Embraces 'Back to Nature' Abundance 3 
17 Article 02/21/2014 Sunday Homily: Join Pope Francis: Take Back the Church and Say No to War! 9 
18 Article 02/07/2014 Sunday Homily: The Hypocrisy of Reagan's 'City on a Hill' 13 
19 Article 01/31/2014 Sunday Homily: The Enlightened Jesus (Like Us) Rejects the Religion of His Childhood 32 
20 Article 01/25/2014 Sunday Homily: Pope Francis, Jesus and David Brooks on Wealth Redistribution 14 
21 Article 01/16/2014 Sunday Homily: Pope Francis' New Song -- Seven Things You May Have Missed in 'The Joy of the Gospel' 9 
22 Article 01/11/2014 Jesus Decides to Redeem His Wasted Life (Sunday Homily) 11 
23 Article 01/03/2014 Celebrating the International Jesus 3 
24 Article 12/28/2013 New Year's Resolutions in the light of Jesus' "Nobodiness"(Sunday Homily) 3 
25 Article 12/21/2013 Mary's "Virginity" and the Problem of Military Rape (Sunday Homily) 7 
26 Article 12/15/2013 The Hypocrisy of Treating Jesus with "Tough Love": Here's a Riddle for You . . . (Sunday Homily) 4 
27 Article 12/03/2013 Pope Francis' Revolutionary Vision: What Progressives Have Been Waiting for (Sunday Homily) 9 
28 Article 12/02/2013 Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium and the Catholic Vote 11 
29 Article 11/30/2013 The Advent Project of Pope Francis (and Jesus): A World without War by Christmas! (Sunday Homily) 23 
30 Article 11/22/2013 The Church's Disastrous Domestication of Jesus as King (Sunday Homily) 27 
31 Article 11/16/2013 If the Rich Won't Work, Let Them Starve! (Sunday Homily) 4 
32 Article 11/01/2013 Reparations: How Cuba Became "the Envy of the Third World" (Sunday Homily) 12 
33 Article 10/24/2013 A Pope and a Pimp Went into St. Peter's to Pray (Sunday Homily) 12 
34 Article 10/20/2013 The Prayers of Powerful Men and the Women Who Oppose Them -- like M. Benjamin, E. Warren, and A. Goodman (Sunday Homily) 7 
35 Article 10/11/2013 Tracking the Footsteps of the Enlightened Jesus through India (Sunday Homily) 2 
36 Article 10/04/2013 The End of U.S. Empire Is a Matter of Time: A Question of Faith (Sunday Homily) 43 
37 Article 09/26/2013 Dives & Lazarus: a catechism of liberation theology (Sunday Homily) 5 
38 Article 09/22/2013 The Rich Are Funny (Sunday Homily) 3