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Articles about the current conflicts in the Middle East, offering new perspectives.

Photo Fraud in Gaza
(image by Rabbi Shraga Simmons)
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# Type Date Content
1 Article 03/03/2015 Netanyahu - The Speech and a practical response  (View Stats) 58 58 Comment Count
2 Article 08/08/2014 10 Reasons Progressives Ought to support Israel, even now  (View Stats) 190 190 Comment Count
3 Article 09/11/2013 Is the Syria Chemical Weapons Attack a false flag event?  (View Stats) 14 14 Comment Count
4 Article 08/17/2013 It is not a coup, It is the will of Egyptian people - YouTube  (View Stats)
5 Quicklink 06/24/2013 Why The NWO Hates Syria  (View Stats)
6 Article 11/27/2012 The Middle East Propaganda War  (View Stats) 75 75 Comment Count
7 Article 08/20/2009 A modest proposal for the settlements on the Israeli West Bank  (View Stats) 7 7 Comment Count