Greg Palast and environmentalism

Articles about the multi-talented investigative reporter and author, and some of his subjects: election and voting issues, financial corruption, and environmentalism.

Acress Daryl Hannah (in red) led the rally today
(image by Marta Steele)
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# Type Date Content
1 Article 10/09/2014 New York Times and Voting/Elections: Why Is Some News Unfit to Print?  (View Stats)
2 Article 09/22/2014 OMB Director Donovan Discusses the Costs of Climate Inaction: Center for American Progress, 18 September 2014  (View Stats)
3 Article 03/23/2014 Ground Operations: Battle Fields to Farm Fields: Happy Earth Day to Returning Vets  (View Stats) 2 2 Comment Count
4 Diary 03/01/2014 This Will Antagonize Many  (View Stats) 1 1 Comment Count
5 Article 08/22/2013 Coalition in DC Fracks Fracking Today  (View Stats) 1 1 Comment Count
6 Article 02/17/2013 "Forward on Climate" Rally and March, 17 January 2013  (View Stats) 3 3 Comment Count
7 Article 10/23/2012 10/22: Palast at DC's BB&P on $$$ vs. VOTES  (View Stats)
8 Article 08/10/2012 Palasthenics: Greg Palast's Billionaires and Ballot Busters: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps  (View Stats) 2 2 Comment Count
9 Article 03/19/2012 Waxman: Clean Energy Solution to Federal Deficit  (View Stats)
10 Article 12/15/2011 Palast Back in DC to Sign Vultures' Picnic  (View Stats) 1 1 Comment Count
11 Article 11/06/2011 Palast The Truth Sleuth: Vultures' Picnic  (View Stats)
12 Diary 08/30/2011 Frack-mentation, Setting Water on Fire, and Other Atrocities  (View Stats)
13 Article 01/12/2011 Meteorology, Ecology, and the Future of Our World  (View Stats) 1 1 Comment Count
14 Diary 12/01/2010 The Truth Hasn't Freed Him: Bradley Manning Is in Jail  (View Stats)
15 Article 11/30/2010 Shall the Truth Set Us Free? (with a surprise afterword by Greg Palast)  (View Stats) 6 6 Comment Count
16 Article 06/03/2009 The All-Time Greatest Moment in [Film] History  (View Stats)
17 Article 08/06/2008 Reviewing a Review: Stealing America  (View Stats) 1 1 Comment Count