Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

(image by James Lockhart/ Public Domain)

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1 Article 04/18/2014 Koch Bros./GOP Brain Trust For Housing Finance "Reform"
2 Article 01/14/2014 The Big Lie Mutated in NYT: More on AEI's History of the Financial Crisis 2 
3 Article 12/12/2013 Fannie and Freddie's Legal Settlements Are The Tip Of The Iceberg 1 
4 Article 08/22/2013 Gov't. "Watchdog" Bamboozles Press About Fannie and Freddie 1 
5 Article 05/14/2013 Fannie's Settlement Agreement Conceals Dirty Laundry
6 Article 03/10/2013 GSE Critics Disavowing The Big Lie? 1 
7 Article 02/25/2013 The Big Lie Annotated: An AEI History Of The Financial Crisis 1 
8 Article 02/13/2013 Mortgages, Ed Pinto, And A Vast Conspiracy Of Silence
9 Article 01/28/2013 SEC Reversed Its Initial Charges Re: Fannie Mae's "Accounting Fraud"
10 Article 01/22/2013 Fannie Mae "Accounting Scandal" Discredited In Court
11 Article 03/06/2012 Fannie Mae Ignores SEC Lawsuit 1 
12 Article 12/27/2011 Fatal Flaws In The Lawsuit Against Fannie Mae Execs, Part 2 5 
13 Article 12/19/2011 Fatal Flaws In The Case Against Fannie Mae Execs, Part 1
14 Article 01/27/2011 Why No Other Republican Would Sign On to Peter Wallison's FCIC "Report"
15 Article 01/14/2011 How An FCIC Commissioner Fabricated a 25-Million Mortgage "Meltdown" 2 
16 Article 01/05/2011 The Real Reason Fannie and Freddie Lost So Much Money 2