Business Cycle

Corporations have sought rights in the US since the Civil War. This series of short stories explores what might happen if they were granted the full rights, privileges, and most importantly the risks of citizenship.

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# Type Date Content
1 Article 11/27/2009 Short Story: "Frachetti's Challenge" (15th and last of a series)  (View Stats) 1 
2 Article 11/25/2009 Short Story: "Signing Statement" (14th in a series)  (View Stats) 1 
3 Article 11/25/2009 Short Story: "A Hard Box to Think Outside Of" (13th in a series)  (View Stats)
4 Article 11/23/2009 Short Story: "Striking the Set Piece" (12th in a series)  (View Stats)
5 Article 11/22/2009 Short Story: "Foreclosed Future" (part 11 of a series)  (View Stats)
6 Article 11/21/2009 Short Story: "Bank Shot" (10th in a series)  (View Stats) 1 
7 Article 11/19/2009 Short Story: "The Tallysheet Bankers" (9th in a series)  (View Stats) 1 
8 Article 11/17/2009 Short Story: "Unvarnished Siding" (8th in a series)  (View Stats) 1 
9 Article 11/15/2009 Short Story: "Unplanned Outing" (7th in a series)  (View Stats) 1 
10 Article 11/12/2009 Short Story: "Going Down" (part 6 of a series)  (View Stats) 1 
11 Article 11/07/2009 Short Story: "Serving Time" (5th in a series)  (View Stats) 1 
12 Article 11/01/2009 Short Story: "Turnabout" (part 4 of a Series)  (View Stats) 1 
13 Article 10/30/2009 Short Story: "Prison Break" (3rd in a series)  (View Stats) 1 
14 Article 10/25/2009 Short Story: "Logical Conclusion/Full Circle" (parts 1&2 of a series)  (View Stats) 1