After the Meltdown

This series of short stories explores what life might have been like if the global financial meltdown had destroyed the dollar and the US government had collapsed, leaving the cities and states to fend for themselves. It starts in Los Angeles, where vacated mansions are being turned over to people who need a place to live...

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# Type Date Content
1 Article 04/27/2011 Short Story: "As Is" (1st in a series) 1 
2 Article 04/29/2011 Short Story: "Full Value" (2nd in a series) 1 
3 Article 05/02/2011 Short Story: "LA Scrip" (3rd in a series) 1 
4 Article 05/08/2011 Short Story: "Face Value" (4th in a series) 1 
5 Article 05/14/2011 Short Story: "Round" (5th/last in a series) 1 
6 Article 11/20/2011 Short Story: "The Phoenix Narrative" (6th in a series) 2 
7 Article 01/08/2012 Short Story: "Steam Cycle" (7th in a series) 2