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Quotation by Daniel Drew:

Along with ordinary happenings, we fellows in Wall Street had the fortunes of war to speculate about, and that always make great doings on a stock exchange. It's good fishing in troubled waters.

Daniel Drew     (more by this author)

1797-1879 (Age at death: 82 approx.)

Daniel Drew was a railroad, financial and stock speculator, a stock manipulator and swindler and a Civil War profiteer. He was, for a time, a partner of Jay Gould and James Fisk in the Erie Railroad, and the stock manipulating wars that were waged through it on Cornelius Vanderbilt and among themselves.

Country: United States

Type: Prose
Context: Interview
Context Details: Page 4 in the prologue of the book "American Colossus, the Triumph of Capitalism, 1865-1900", published in 2010
Source: American Colossus
Uttered: 1870
Cited By: H.W. Brands     Permalink


I am a lifelong resident of the Chicago suburbs, with a several year hiatus to serve in the Navy when my Vietnam era draft notice turned up. I had been told that guys with last names like mine were among the preferred cannon fodder in the Army, so (more...)
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