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Quotation by Marcia Riquelme:

When we are silent and apathetic, we are more active than we realize: we are giving tacit approval to whomever 'takes the reins of power'--even if they are riding off on the wrong horse. " -- Wisconsin cowgirl wisdom.

Marcia Riquelme     (more by this author)

1942 -

Marcia Riquelme, Spanish Teacher, political/social reform activist, born, Toledo,Ohio 1942. Untiring worker for human rights and progressive political causes including concerns regarding the involvement of the USA in the meddling with other nations' economic and political fates for avaricious gain, causing suffering of the least able in all nations concerned. Always working for protection of human rights and the welfare of the average man.

Country: United States

Type: Prose
Context: Other
Source: Marcia's email signature
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