Who do we go after first, Congress, Bush, the MSM or the New World Order Bank?

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Who do we go after first, Congress, Bush, the MSM or the New World Order Bank?

     WHAT IS REAL? AND WHO ARE THE BAD GUYS? First, What is real? Really, nobody knows. We are like the blind men and the elephant; each labels his experience from a single point of view, but none knows his is only part of the whole. Knowing what is real if you live in America, and probably anywhere in the developed world, is challenging. Many who know this site well have evolved in their opinions about the MSM, from accusing finger pointing three or four years ago to now charging them with complicity in the overthrow of the constitutional government, and worse. New concerns in the Bush era are that a handful of corpo-coglomerates control not just the news, but the entertainment, the corporate message (CONSUME), our ideas on religion, and on and on, ad infinitum. This means that a heretofore unthinkable thing has happened: half of the American public have had the equivalent of a lobotomy just by watching the (well named) Boob Tube. Every local community is a part of the huge "set" of "The American Dream" or whatever show you think you're in. Televangelists spout the false end times prophecies that have accompanied fundamentalist fear mongering for two hundred years; the fundraising tactics of evil secret societies since the earliest times; at school, children are taught that Darwin is fake and an atheist, and so we believe in "intelligent" design. The MSM were once characterized as jackals, sharks in feeding frenzy, and as heartless ghouls who can stick a microphone in a mother's face and ask calmly, "How does it feel to see your son shot down before your eyes?" without remorse or empathy. How many levels do we need to peel away to realize that all of us are right, and all of them are-what? Who Are the Bad Guys? If we ever discover what is real, how do we know who to trust? If it gets down to complete disorder, all progressives, radicals and revolutionaries should know this: a possible majority of Americans will not do anything if the government tells them not to. Let me say that a different way: there is not going to be a grassroots tide of populism sweeping these criminals out of power. As always, there will be precious few with the courage and the means to make any difference. Once we know who the bad guys are, how do we fight them? Hit the enemy where they live. They did all this out of greed. The ruling class stepped on its chutzpah. Hurt them in the pocket book. It was true during the Vietnam war; it is true now. Enough of the war elite getting rich on the blood and treasure of the people. Poll: The best way to win America back for the people is to attack:

The puppet MSM by massive boycott
The corporate ruling class by massive boycott
The Ruling junta that has overthrown the constitution by national strike

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