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Poll: Would you vote for Nancy Pelosi?

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Poll: Would you vote for Nancy Pelosi?

     Poll: Would you vote for Nancy Pelosi?

To lawyers, prosecutors and judges, an enabler is as, or more guilty than those who carry out a crime. They are often known as co-conspirators, after the fact, and as, in the case/cases under discussion here, they are most certainly, Obstructing Justice.

Vast crimes have been committed which have gone unprosecuted. They were not unprosecuted by lack of knowledge, or difficulty in discovery, and not merely for lack of trying, although certainly that is true, as well. No, I mean Obstructing Justice by choice, in plain view of the nation-in your face, contempt for the people, arrogant/hubristic, Obstructing of Justice. She and her "handlers" have been virtually hounded by citizens, congress people, journalists, and a myriad of political organizations, victims and others to numerous to list here. Maybe this poll should be; Should Nancy Pelosi Be Indicted For Enabling Crimes?

To those well informed, of which a relatively small and basic core of people in both parties are counted, many of which are readers of, there is no need, here to list all of the crimes of the Bushite Administration, as it would be redundant, so often have we all here as well as our colleagues at other news, oped and editorial Blogs have iterated and reiterated infinitely, everywhere Progressives, Liberals and the increasingly great number of outraged, truly justice seeking, right-minded, truly patriotic Americans of the Republican party, gather.

I emphasize, truly patriotic Americans of the Republican party, because with all of the Hell that has broken loose here and overseas, of the criminal behavior, the mafia type bullying and suspected assassinations, shakedowns, No-Bid contracts in the billions of dollars, the atrocities, the shambles-making of the rule of law, the Constitution and dismantling of the Bill of Rights, and much of which Democrats have been co-conspirators, though they claim they were lied to, we were all lied to but some of us asked due-diligence questions which they either neglected to ask, or were afraid to ask, or chose not to ask.
They may not wish to proceed against the President and Vice President, because of their own implication in this disaster. These men and women are for crying aloud lawyers, supposedly trained to ask such questions, paid to protect not only our rights but also those of others in the world, which we may impose upon or help. There is no excuse for their foolhardy behavior. Only a few of my friends are lawyers, but some of them were not fooled, neither was I and I am sure many of our readers were not either. What we all saw as weak arguments lacking in substantiation, the media and the democrats gobbled up that which I viewed as apparently egregious lies. I could not comprehend how well fools fooling most fools could fool educated men and women, or are they all fools?
The air reconnaissance photos supposedly showing a movable feast of WMD-making stunned me, because no one, not even a child of moderate intelligence could tell what the pictures were showing. Certainly there was no intelligence advantage in them because they were, at best ambiguous. They looked much like aerial photos of the sort you see in map stores, or of small commercial, light to moderate, industrial sites all over the USA.
Are we then to believe that all of those are homes for making WMD's? If so we had better start closing most autos, truck repair, light mechanical/industrial, and paint shops, all across America because they also look very much like the photos we saw on TV. I had a Republican friend who was fooled, or pretended to be fooled, maybe because he wanted them to kill Muslims, or take their oil, I don't know. However, he argued with me both before and after the war about the presence of WMD's.
I simply used two pieces of logic to refute his tired arguments:
1)-If they had WMD's, they would have used the WMD's.
If someone attacked America, and using WMD's was our only chance to drive him or her out, wouldn't we use them? Of course, we would. We used them even on other people's land in Japan in WW II, didn't we, and that was to save American lives we were told?
2)-My friends and I were right and hundreds of congress people who should have known better, who should have asked due-diligence questions were not. Therefore, either congress people had the same motives as my friend or they were going to profit by the war, or they were/are just a Hell of a lot dumber than I thought they were. Well, they did, last time I looked a few months ago, congress people on both sides of the aisle had profited by $196-million, it now has surpassed $206 millions.
You see, and I am certain that you, as well informed readers of this OpEd Progressives Heaven, have already beat me to the corner on this one. You know, you know as well as I that most of the readers of this and other online non-MSM news and editorial sources are the best-informed citizens on the planet.

Nancy Pelosi is one moment a blushing teen with an adolescent crushes on Bush and the next a dithering adult lacking common sense. She makes me wonder if my avocado plant would have been a better choice for the House. There is one experiment in granting such a position for the first woman Speaker of The House that went far awry. Nancy Pelosi, the For Show-First Female House Speaker. What a stupid mistake.

Baseball did it right, they picked for the first black MLB player, breaking the color barrier, the best-qualified person to handle the job, Jackie Robinson. He was not the best black baseball player at the time, far from it, there were in the "Shadow Baseball Leagues" (Professional Black Players leagues) many far better hitters, sluggers, fielders and runners. Even Babe Ruth said many of those blacks against which he played could hit right along with him-Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Cobb, Foxx, Al Simmons, Hornsby and Hack Wilson. However, Jackie Robinson was a college graduate and had no baggage of women, or alcohol or infidelity, or drinking or carousing, fighting and careening around in big, fast cars. He was a solid middleclass citizen, though his earlier life he had his share of fights and lawbreaking, but he was now a who loved his wife, stayed out of trouble, could control his emotions, and besides was one Helluva Baseball player who could hit (a .311 lifetime batting average) and with some power, he could run and steal bases, field with the best of them and had a good throwing arm and was smart. He had also been a three-sport standout in college.

However, more egregious is the Machiavelli who pulls her strings, the man from my state Illinois, and the dynamite fundraiser, Rahm Emmanuel. He presides over a strong a wealthy Chicago North Side people by wealthy Jews and Israeli sympathizers, which had been until the Iraq issue came forward. He was elected on what I call their Fascism Longing Factor. In fact, I always thought that the current mayor of Chicago had more in common with Bushite supporters than with us.

She makes a horrible Poster child for the feminine role model. She is, indeed an enabler of evil and if Dante were to know her, the 1.5 million murders in Iraq and the bankruptcy of so many and many more to come, he would have Ugolino gnawing on her head in the deep-water depths of Hades. She, is in my lifetime is one of the very few women which I have eschewed and held in utter contempt. She ranks with Bush, Cheney as their enabler and she-contemptuous, to say the least. She is among, the most culpably, air-headed bubble brains ever in congress. Too bad Kucinich was not House Leader.

I am sorry to say that once again the incompetent, dolts who un-engineered the debacles of 2000, 2004 are back in full, intellectual decay. Many of the disastrous 2000-2004 Democratic campaigners are back to dazzle us with their pitiful unsuccessful records, most of which couldn't beat my seven year old at chess or Hi Ho Cherrio, either.

Sorry for the rant, but the mere mention of her name sends me into orbit, let alone an entire column.
Nancy Pelosi is guilty, in my opinion, of Obstructing Justice and probably a great deal more. However, so are many of the congress people in both houses on both sides of the aisle. I still think she should be at least forced out, but doubt it will happen. It won't because most of them are almost as guilty. Mr. Emmanuel has them convinced that we will all vote for them because we have no choice. He may be right about some, but it is his doing that, at 18% approval, the congress has a lower rating the G W Bush. He may be wrong.

At any rate, here is the Poll:
If you lived in San Francisco's 8th district, would you vote for Nancy Pelosi?




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