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Why not Caroline Kennedy?

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A Public Servant by Definition


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Is Caroline Kennedy a "Normal" Politician? Is she qualified for a Senate Seat? First and foremost, let's define a politician to make sure we're all on the same wavelength in our discussions. According to Wikipedia,
"A politician (from Greek "polis") is an individual who is involved in influencing public decision making through the influence of politics or a person who influences the way a society is governed through an understanding of political power and group dynamics" ....
What's a "normal" politician? Are there normal "politicians"? Or should we rather talk about each politician as a unique individual?

Caroline Kennedy is a daughter of a great leader John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline Kennedy and we all know that. She was raised in the spirit of public service and quietly, without looking for fame she serves her state in a remarkable way.

All these years she chosed to serve in the "backstage" although some probably enjoyed calling it "celebrity" life. It's her prerogative to come and make the decision to get involved in public office without having to ask anyone permission.

Furthermore, if she feels this is her calling - or "she feels the commitment" - why shouldn't she restrain just because some of us think she's from a dynasty and, therefore she must be compared to some "princess" who never done anything but inherit the thrown without being necessarily qualified.

It's too easy to sit back and draw conclusion without really knowing her or knowing what she's been doing quietly in the shadow for maybe many of those you and now may see in public or have been "praising" for "their accomplishements". I won't be surprised to one day discover that Caroline Kennedy was the key player in such and such project because she's not the type to act for glory because she's was born into it. That's a very important difference between her and who those who acquire power somehow but at birth--those ones usually don't hesitate one bit to make you and I feel where we belong.

Caroline Kennedy appears to be such a "regular" person that one would almost have to force her "shout it loud." Is that a good reason for her self-confidence to be questioned? What does that have to do with her desire to serve or folllow her family footsteps?

Just like, as people often say "you are what you eat" , in the same way, a child is influenced by the environment he/she was born into, by his/her upbringing. Caroline Kennedy was raised in politics and have role models -recently being inspired by Obams like some of us were inspired by her father. She also shows it by her wanting to practice what her Uncle,Robert Francis Kennedy, once said: "There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?"

Caroline Kennedy is criticized by some journalists for not carrying herself properly or not speaking certain way when approached by the Media. Who can win with the media? Obama's self confidence was said to be arrogance. What if she showed she wasn't "anyone" but a Kennedy? What would she be called then? After all who are we to tell people what a normal politician should or should not be? If we know so much better how she should behave to become public servant, why don't we all become politicians then? Some of us may say they don't want to. That's whole point.
Caroline Kennedy wants to serve and the question should NOT just be is she qualified but rather is she the best advocate for the people? Because that's what a politician should be about. A politician is hired by the people because it's not about their interests but the people interests. What do we think Caroline would be gaining that she doesn't have already? Popularity or Celebrity? Money?

In short she gains nothing but the joy of giving as I myself beleive, being a volunteer for many years in community and public service because there is no better feeling than giving and NOT expecting anything in return. That's what I feel her service to this country will be . Thus to be fair, we should let her or those who support her plead her case. Ultimately she is the one who knows her mind and her heart. She is the final decision maker.

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Like Hillary Clinton, Caroline Kennedy is a smart person and she will face the same scrutiny. Obviously these women may have different personalities. Caroline Kennedy may have never "worked" but she has a "non public" life experience, she's been involved with many organizations and she's not running "unprepared" to the highest office like some woman tried before as Kathleen Parker wrote:

Caroline Kennedy is no Sarah Palin "In Kennedy's case, those actors would be senators, not heads of other, potentially belligerent, nations".

Obama worked as community Organizer trying to make a difference in South Side Chicago. He felt powerless and thought the best way to serve was to run for State, Us Senate or higher office. Likewise, Caroline Kennedy, as an advocate for future generation education and for public schools, "feels the commitment" to serve at a level where she believes will allow her more power to accomplish whatever she couldn't or still can't at the position in which she's currently.

Is it a requirement to be born politician to be eligible to run for an office? Is that what the constitution says? Or maybe she would have been more qualified if her name wasn't Kennedy and, then maybe people would focus more on her first name or what she actually accomplished in her lifetime rather than just looking at her "stardom".

After all can a baby choose his/her family, name, birthplace or origin? If not, so why do we waste so much time about these subjects just to make someone DIFFERENT from us or an excuse to discriminate.' As OBAMA stated in his campaign, he's tired of the same old thing. I too get tired of hearing things like: "someone is different" or not like a "normal politician". What does it mean a normal politician?

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Let's take time to look beyond what we see and open our minds outside our "standard" definitions to understand the individual beyond celebrity, stardom, or apparent "label".

Regarding the meaning of "different", of course we are different -- simply because our creator wanted it so - and difference to me is obviously why each of us is called 'individual" so what waste energy talking about the obvious rather than the ideas or experience THE INDIVIDUAL in question can bring.

As for normality or abnormality, isn't it simply a convention? Barack Obama was supposedly different, thus NOT NORMAL simply because his name didn't sounds like John Smith or to run for the Presidency of United States because it was "too exotic". But thanks God, America finally spoke out. Does John Smith sounds normal to everyone on earth?

Is Caroline Kennedy already disqualified simply because she's part of a dynasty"? Knowing the Kennedys sacrificed so much as public servants. Besides I think it'd be unfair to talk about dynasty which to me sounds like she was from the "do nothing emperors" family from those days of the Roman Empire.

Anyway, independently to her "heritage of Senate" -as some would like to put it, Caroline Kennedy have certainly made difference in people of her state, outside public schools or her work with various organizations, that most of us may never ever know. I just think she's UNIQUE for a "dynasty". Unfortunately we seem to be wanting to endlessly associate her that "celebrity label" despite her desire to be just like any regular citizen. But have we even try to find out about her UNIQUENESS first before we jump into judgment?
FYI - http://www.opednews.com/maxwrite/diarypage.php?did=5816

After all that she and her family endured, she could have simply decided to live a quite life or enjoy her fortune and notoriety. But no, she's choosing to serve rather than living a comfortable life in her "royal" palace. What's wrong with that? Nothing.

Moreover I'm sure she would have been criticized anyway even if she had chosen to remain the Kennedy daughter or a spoiled daddy's "princess". We would have heard things such as "Unlike the Kennedy, Caroline this, Caroline that..." Wouldn't we? Whatever she does, I'm guessing, she'd be criticized.

Why can't we learn to be appreciative and grateful to those who have the courage to serve this great nation particularly at this moment of great challenges not for themselves but for the people? Particularly when we know they gain no fame because they've already got it and they're not looking for me either.

Another good example of an inspiring public servant, and there a many, is Peter Samuelson, a producer/Philanthropist, was asked by a CNN anchor, why bother helping the homeless being who he is? His answer was it's absurd to have people sleeping in concrete a civilized society.
Among other great leaders, the Kennedys gave their lives for Public service. Following them many others are already commited, some others in the process and now if Caroline Kennedy "feels the commitment". What's wrong with that?

In conclusion, I think this is high time we let those who want to serve and give people HOPE the space they need to do so. Caroline Kennedy is a great personality. She's been serving for so many years in privacy, she will do just fine to come out and serve in public. How would she do it? The answer to that, how would you do it if you were her?
as in John F. Kennedy most famous quote:

"My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country."
"My fellow citizens of the World ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man."


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I believe in "the unknown gives one the opportunity to grow" and, that "Attitude determines Altitude". There is no limitation but in one's own mind. My hero's leaders are Abraham Lincoln (the most influential American to my opinion), John F. (more...)
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