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Why We May Never See The Real USA Again

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Are the three candidates playing for ego, money and celebrity or are they trying to save our sacred Democracy? I say they are playing to the lowest common denominator in America-the dumbest crowds on the planet, and settling for great wealth at the munificence of lobbyists. Rock Star status with huge money and celebrity status is the goal, in my not often humble opinion.


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When I was a kid, eight to nine years old, I had paralytic poliomyelitis. I was paralyzed from the calves down. The doctors told my parents that I might never walk again. I never, ever, wavered in my knowledge that I would walk, run and be an athlete. I never, in this painful, nearly two years of being bed-ridden and at least for the first months in great pain cried-not once! I am crying now, not for me but for my country. I, who faced death and paralysis in my youth and many difficulties afterwards adjusting to learning to walk again at age nine, was never negative. To this day, I am and have been most of my life; upbeat and cheerful from the moment I awake until I hit the sack each evening.

Not lately, however. Now I am, after watching and listening to all of the candidates, who are ever pandering to the dumbest people, I am not confident of the salvation of this nation and it's earliest, most inspired and sacred philosophies. In the rush for riches from the current crew of candidates on either side, and that is exactly what it is, a rush for riches, at least for the people running today, I believe that we will never hear or see any of the necessary and important issues discussed. I am sick of the idiot listeners, watchers of Fox, of Matthews, of Limbaugh, or Blitzer, or the other fools, who do not inform themselves except by listening to richer idiots preaching minutia, spin and trivialities.

They don't because neither side wants to debate real issues, because they know they, are now on their way to joining the super, Nouveau Riche, and can't wait to flaunt it and will never make public and private financing of candidates illegal. They will never have the government fund all elections and never end the funding of candidates by private parties, PAC's or corporations. If they did, they could not join the Rock-Star, corporate, super-wealthy, as almost all but honest politicians, of whom there are fewer and fewer, always do. Neither Hillary, nor Barack, nor McCain are going to shoot down the Patriot Act, or the Military Commissions Act of 2006, or dump the costly and stupid Homeland Security idiocy, or dump the excremental "War on Terror," nor Prosecute the War Criminals, nor get our wasted troops out of Iraq, nor stop outsourcing, nor fund a healthcare proposal by heavily taxing outsourcers, nor limit CEO compensation Packages to $2.5 million, or no more than 25 times the average of all employees and contractor and subcontractor salaries and limit outsourcering CEO Compensation packages to $500,000, nor set-up the much needed Neo-New Deal None of them will end abortion for selfish, stupid couples, and it is questionable whether or not they will do an about-face on torture, either. None of them will Nationalize the oil industry or the Drug industry, nor end the privatization of the water industry before they profit on the deprivation of others or enter the coming Water Wars, nor will they nationalize all necessities, like fuel and drugs, the development of offensive and defensive weapons and the entire arms and oil industries. None of them will attempt to nationalize all medical practices, as they have nationalized the Military, the Fire departments, police, schools and just about every other thing they could nationalize without ticking off the Super-wealthy. They will not wrest the building and maintaining of prisons from the corrupt private firms or the corporations which lobby for longer sentences for minor matters and who fight, along with the criminal drug companies to keep Marijuana not only illegal but carrying heavy sentencing for a minor offense, if it is indeed an offense, which it is not. Nor will they end the use of sexuality as a means of determining a person's fitness for office. I do not thinking the lifetime of the youngest among us we will see the end of lobbying of every sort and make the offering or accepting of any sort of gratuity in any form, a capital crime, as it should be because it invariably leads to horrors for millions. I doubt also that anyone has the stones (except perhaps you and/or I) to outlaw it as a capital crime I doubt they will prosecute Bush and Cheney and if found guilty, hang them publicly by their meager stones or ears, upside down ala Mussolini. None of them will Disperse and prosecute Blackwater or the other mercenaries, (Obama has already said he will use them in Iraq and elsewhere,) Hillary said she would not, but that may remain to be seen. Nothing of justice will happen, mostly because they are, all three of them, too damned impressed with themselves, too phony, too so desperately needing to be canonized as President, and none have shown the class or honesty I expect from a leader. Sorry about that folks, but please read the entire article before commenting.

We have neither George Washington nor Teddy Roosevelt, and certainly not FDR. Hell, we don't even have a distant replica of Howdy Doody running. Is Obama the best of the pack? Yes, probably, but some of the things I have heard from his campaign workers, are only a few dozen tads less scary to me as those who surround Bush. I am praying that, I am wrong, but of the issues, which I mention above, I have heard, damned little. Nevertheless, I shall vote for whichever Democrat wins the nomination, and hope for the best. Will I, like some of those who support Obama threatened, vote for McCain, if Hillary wins, no freaking way in Hell. I may be no saint, but neither am I a masochist or a sadist, and I like my nose too much cut it off to spite the rest of my face.

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Professor Bagnolo has majored in: Cultural Anthropology, Architectural design, painting, creative writing. As a child prodigy, abed with polio for almost two years, he was offered an opportunity to skip three grades at age 8.
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