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Why Everyone Should Read "The Shell Game."(Words from others to pass along)(9/11)

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Steve's absolute genius is in his ability to make the unpalatable irresistible. It lies also in his ability to separate research "ice cream" from research "bs".........."The Shell Game" is a novel and a ticking time bomb for the psyche. It is the red pill from "The Matrix". Steve has brilliantly created a masterpiece that is going to rock the planet while entertaining and teaching millions at the same time. I applaud both his genius and also what I see as his divine inspiration. (Michael Ruppert, Crossing The Rubicon)


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Following are just a few of the many great things that have been written about The Shell Game, by Steve Alten. I could have included many more but I did not want the list to be too long. The following of course, are scattered about in different places. I thought I would gather them up to put in one place so that YOU or anyone can pass them along via an e-mail to all of your friends, family, and other contacts. This is a list that will show anyone that The Shell Game is more than just a worthwhile and exciting read, its also an important one. Break the Media Blockade!! Please use this list to inform as many as possible about The Shell Game and tell them to purchase during the "Week Of Truth," April 16 -- 22.


For a tiny touch of what's in the book (the breaks / "......" are mine, not the author's):

"But how can they just enter my home without a search warrant? .... Patriot act... Any Federal law enforcement agency can enter your home or business ....... whether you are there or not or whether they tell you or not .... it's all legal .... What the hell happened to the Fourth Amendment? ..... bulldozed back in 2001 ... Feds can read your e-mail, section 216 ..... Jesus. How the hell could Congress pass ... Cheney and Ashcroft rammed it through before Congress even read it. .... bottom line.... Feds can basically do anything they want .... as long as they claim ...."

"For me its too late. For my children, my loved ones ... for you, I toll these final warning bells .... a tsunami of death on its way .... And you're asleep on the beach."


The events of September 11th, 2001...the invasion of Iraq...an impending showdown with Iran. What do these situations have in common? Oil. And the world is running out.

The book is brilliantly called The Shell Game because we are the objects of a con. Our only role is to pay for it with our money or our lives. (Jim Hogue)

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.....not quite a fictionalized 'people's history' in the tradition of Uncle Tom's Cabin and Max Havilaar, The Shell Game is more ambitious; it attempts to present a theory of history and the future in the tradition of Ann Rand's Atlas Shrugged and George Orwell. (Richard McGinn)


Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com customer reviews:

Great read. It would be great fiction if it wasn't so true.

The Shell Game is an overwhelmingly well crafted novel..........Anyone who wants to understand what is happening in our world needs to read The Shell Game.

The Shell Game is a thriller, the kind you don't want to put down.
But unlike the "run of the mill" thriller, this book is based on facts.
Facts that each and every one of us should be aware of and should think long and hard about before the Presidential election in November.
The Shell Game is a must read!
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...... I would recommend this to anyone who cares about our future. A+ for The Shell Game.

What I love about 'The Shell Game,' by Steve Alten, is that its not only a thoroughly entertaining pulse pounding adventure . . . BUT, it also is filled with real research and real media quotes that give a whole new take on news of the day. You feel like you're really learning some things, while your being entertained. Double value for your money !! Can't give it enough stars. Any action fiction fan, or anyone who cares about issues in the news, will LOVE THIS BOOK!!

If only more people of the general public were aware of the information in this book. Great job to Mr. Alten.

There's a long history of introducing people to facts encouched in *safe* storytelling .......... With real quotes at the start of every chapter prefacing just how this story could come about, a definite wake-up call to our citizens. There is nothing new about false flag operations of every government on the planet, including ours. Clear and well written, impossible to put down once you've started.

Steve's absolute genius is in his ability to make the unpalatable irresistible. It lies also in his ability to separate research "ice cream" from research "bs".........."The Shell Game" is a novel and a ticking time bomb for the psyche. It is the red pill from "The Matrix". Steve has brilliantly created a masterpiece that is going to rock the planet while entertaining and teaching millions at the same time. I applaud both his genius and also what I see as his divine inspiration. (Michael Ruppert, Crossing The Rubicon)

If you know anyone who loves good action fiction, tell them about "The Shell Game," by Steve Alten, they will LOVE YOUR FOR IT!! Guaranteed!


Steve Alten is a charming and funny man. And passionate. I've talked to him through e-mail, phone, and Instant Messager and his enthusiasm shines through on all forms of communication......
The Shell Game is a great novel. It works as a thriller, a political drama, and at the end of the day, it is very very human........ It is densely researched and backed up by an extensive bibliography. Even if you don't agree with its politics, it is, at the end of the day, an incredibly entertaining thriller, with real stakes and drama. (Eileen Bolender)


The Shell Game is hard core didactic fiction, a necessary and very skillfully rendered lesson for the American public. It's also a page-turner, a thought provoker, and no cheap trick. According to the author, "Two long years of research went into this project; key bits of information were provided to me along the way by concerned fans of mine in the military, the oil industry, and the political arena, and by individuals who have simply suffered far too much...." (Joseph Danison)


Why were there no jet-fighters dispatched on 9/11? Why was NORAD engaged in upwards of five separate military exercises dealing with fake hijackings on the day of the worst attack in U.S. history? Why were false blips allowed to be projected onto FAA screens, confusing air flight controllers? Why was Dick Cheney in-charge of NORAD on 9/11? Did the Vice President order a stand-down so that the attacks would succeed?

These probing questions, ignored by the 9/11 commission, have been posed over and again by frustrated 9/11 Truth organizations who have demanded answers yet receive scant media attention. That could all change with the The Shell Game, by NY Times best-selling author Steve Alten. Written in the guise of a fictional thriller, this cautionary tale exposes the deceptions of the Bush Administration to a mainstream audience while detailing the next 9/11 event, already in the planning stages, that will make the case for an invasion of Iran.......What The Shell Game does is disseminate the information in an entertaining, often shocking storyline..............
The Patriot Act, false flag terrorism, the deceptions and lies that lead nations to wars -- all the things activists have begged people to look at for these long years -- are revealed in the storyline. (PR-USA.net (press release), Bulgaria)


And now, Best-Selling author Steve Alten has released his "boldest, bravest book to date," The Shell Game. The Shell Game is "action packed, intense, and politically probing, ... "an intriguing blend of fiction and non-fiction that will most certainly disturb the practitioners of the game, because it will make readers stop and think about American foreign policy in the oil-rich Middle East." (Richard Folsom, Washington Daily News)

It is "The Shell Game's" greatest achievement to raise these issues so openly and offer an all-too-plausible scenario for a future self-inflicted attack that would tip the world into an irreversible direction of global chaos. Lastly, I would like to commend you for focusing so much attention on the ecological issues, specifically on finding renewable, alternative sources of energy that would permanently wean us off the oil spigot. As you suggest in your book, if you compare the U.S. military bases in the Middle East with the existing or proposed gas and oil pipelines, both maps would overlap. Shouldn't such picture be enough to persuade public opinion that whatever we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan has nothing to do with democracy and freedom?

This much is certain -- we are both dealing with something of enormous importance in the medium we understand best -- creative work. Some will dismiss it as speculative fiction. Others will understand that the best way to reach larger masses is to appeal to emotions and to invite the reader or the audience to share in on imaginary experiences if only to avoid the real ones. Such emotions, when supported by undisputable facts, are capable of forging very strong reactions to real issues.

Thank you for helping to awaken those in the dark, and for shattering delusions about the nature of the powers-that-be.

My very best,

Jarek Kupsc
The Reflecting Pool


"The Shell Game reveals in fiction the dark truth of government sponsored false flag terrorist attacks. This read may be a Trojan horse of reality - a final wake-up call to slumbering Americans - to examine and to expose the secret agenda of their own government before they no longer have the right to do so."

-- Richard Gage, AIA, Architect


Best-selling author Steve Alten in his recently published book, The Shell Game, attempts to reach Americans with a thriller that mixes fiction with fact.

It is a historical thriller predictive of our immediate future by an author who has no illusions about the US Government or the interest groups that control it.

Alten's book is a first-class thriller set in the real world of today. It is a perfect read for Americans who need their dose of reality to be watered down with fiction and delivered as entertainment. (Paul Craig Roberts , "Father of Reagonomics")


A native of Philadelphia, Steve Alten earned his Bachelors degree from Penn State University, his Masters from the University of Delaware, and his Doctorate from Temple University. He is the author of the best-selling Meg series, Domain series, Goliath, and The Loch. Steve Alten is also founder and director of Adopt-An-Author, a free nationwide teen reading program that is now being used in thousands of secondary school classrooms across the country to excite reluctant readers to read.

Meg and Steve


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