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This conference is being ignored. Why? Maybe because it's a farce. Maybe because it's heavy on the intellectual and academic side. Maybe because it is being interrupted. Maybe because a lot of people are afraid of being found guilty.


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go to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/warcrimesconference to grab a few videos taken during today's portion of the conference.



10:19 ustreamer-1462 : the world is weeping
10:19 zipthwung : good job dude
10:19 ustreamer-51572 : drop dead time, some look as old as McPain
10:19 ustreamer-90895 : the dirsh?
10:19 marc27 : IN business or otherwise!
10:19 ustreamer-69402 : alan dershowitz
10:19 ustreamer-88140 : the Dersh bag
10:19 ustreamer-28515 : calling these guys idiots is just revealing your own idiocy
10:19 zipthwung : im talking about the court of public oppinion
10:19 ustreamer-4927 : This panel is obfuscating the entire reason for being there

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10:21 Kempion : WHAT EVIDENCE?
10:21 Kempion : WHAT CRIMES?
10:21 ustreamer-28783 : No they sound french
10:21 ustreamer-90895 : Andover Ma
10:21 ustreamer-1462 : NOT BE TOLERATED BY THE MASSES

Academics on the panel...

Marxist legal council, would he be hired?

What are these people jabbering on about? I thought the conference was about War Crimes and how to go about putting the criminals behind bars.

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10:28 ustreamer-88569 : THIS CONF IS A FARCE THUS FAR
10:28 ustreamer-1462 : Why did Bush Parden Libby?
10:28 Kempion : leaked document LOLOLOLOL
10:28 ustreamer-89148 : Bush is nothing but a coke head .............and Cheney runs the country
10:28 ustreamer-28515 : youre a farce
10:28 ustreamer-9069 : thats right kdelphi :)
10:28 ustreamer-69402 : why would that be needed if he was a "imminent danger"
10:28 Kempion : forget the fact that Iraq violated the cease fire HUNDREDS of times

10:28 ustreamer-69402 : leaked white house memo
10:28 marc27 : We are all funding terrorism by paying taxes!
10:28 KDelphi : why argue with him
10:28 ustreamer-1462 : Why did Bush order that people in government be attacked for doing their jobs
10:28 ustreamer-90895 : We are seeing history in the making.

"Something happened after September 11th"

10:33 ustreamer-51572 : the dummming of America - kids can't read
10:33 ustreamer-1462 : WE have BEEN MISLEADF
10:33 ustreamer-51871 : If you are mainstream you don't know about georgia
10:33 ustreamer-1462 : OUR NATION HAS BEEN
10:33 ckemp6205 : kempion you are just here to cause a distraction and you are just a liar

"jurisdiction laws..."


10:43 Kempion : you can suffer, starve and DIE for stabbing us in the back
10:43 ustreamer-70554 : lol 1462 we know that as well
10:43 Kempion : STANDBY
10:43 ustreamer-49779 : what are your 8
10:43 ustreamer-28515 : kemp you dont even have the intelligence to validate anything you have said
10:43 maya12-21-2012 : ignore the losers
10:43 ustreamer-20353 : We know when we have been misled by Govt> !!!!
10:43 ustreamer-89148 : Because both parties have sold out
10:43 sweetholymosiah : he does, but he's been misled
10:43 ustreamer-49779 : opps
10:43 sweetholymosiah : so viciously
10:43 sweetholymosiah : that it hurts for him to imagine any alternative
10:43 ustreamer-70894 : their mone will save them, it always does
10:43 ustreamer-51572 : Latin ? - or is he speaking in Tonges
10:43 ustreamer-9069 : This guy is the closer? This guy is not u2
10:43 zipthwung : mommy says I can go torture the bunny maybe its time to go
10:43 Kempion : standby, contacting the owner of ustream
10:43 ustreamer-89148 : Read Tradegy and Hope by Carroll Quigley and you will understand how they did it
10:44 Kempion : OWNER... get it?
10:44 ustreamer-28515 : you just ramble and mutter and cause conflict
10:44 sweetholymosiah : I love you Kempion!
10:44 maya12-21-2012 : In parenting, the best way to stop a temper tantrum (or in this case, a troll) is to ignore them
10:44 kjack5 : the thirty year in office on public welfare dole defense
10:44 ustreamer-64455 : "I'm telling!" kempion
10:44 ustreamer-40486 : Kemps a pussie get it
10:44 Kempion : you little commies will learn to love freedom, if I have to force it down your throats LOL
10:44 ustreamer-60723 : i like this
10:44 ustreamer-20353 : Lol - terrorist
10:44 sweetholymosiah : Kempy needs a hug
10:44 ustreamer-70554 : lol
10:44 zipthwung : i dont know aqbout the troll thing - I can cry a long long time
10:44 ustreamer-89148 : Kempion is a pervert and a vicious Nazi
10:44 ustreamer-51572 : I'ts now time for "happy hour"

Happy Hour. America goes home and drinks.

10:48 ustreamer-34406 : ICC was set up to protect the real perps


The author lives in a small village in central Europe and has been active in the local workers movement for nearly 3 decades. Globalism knows no borders, why should we ?
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this website or its editors.

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