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Right-Wing Lynch Mob Closes in on Obama

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What years of pimping the bogus Solyndra affair couldn't do the fascist Republican machine is now about to accomplish with the inquisition over alleged White House leaks on cyberwars and kill lists. With the insipid media prostitute of a cadaver that is John McCain taking out his frustration on the black man who kept him out of the WHITE House taking point the devils in the GOP machine are trying to conjure up a new Watergate for the embattled pope of hope.


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Barack Obama is toast, the full fury of the establishment is about to be brought down upon him as it ensures that he won't even make it until November in one piece. The latest and probably most serious threat to his lamentable presidency is the squealing of the Republican pigs for an inquisition on national security leaks alleged to have come from the White House to bolster his election chances. This is of course total bullshit and the accusers were nowhere to be found when Valerie Plame's cover was blown by the Bushreich and that scumbag Israeli fifth columnist Scooter Libby. The memory of the television mesmerized lemming flock is not long enough to recall that foul and treasonous affair, it might as well have happened in 1663 instead of 2003. This one will surely resonate though and the attacks are likely designed to offset Obama's playing the I killed the big, bad bogeyman Osama bin Laden card in the campaign. The human excrement that is the right-wing has already made hay out of delegitimizing Obama's presidency to the mouth-breathing meatheads and morons by spreading the ludicrous birth certificate propaganda, convinced chuckleheads throughout the land that the footstool for Wall Street is a socialist or commie and to some of the more demented members of the god gang that Obama is actually the Antichrist himself.

This is going to be ugly too, especially with Israeli/Pentagon stooge John McCain sliming out of his dirty hole once again to prostitute himself out to the media and wail for an investigation. Look for the remaining three members of the maverick circle jerk caucus, Joe Lieberman, Lindsay Graham and newly minted butt-boy Marco Rubio to join in the attack. Rubio is a real douchebag too and the Republican fascist party has big plans on marketing that greasy little turd to the growing Hispanic demographic, a smiling Ricky Ricardo type who croons sweet salsa songs while his party sends out the I.C.E. goon squads and backs a Nazi Germany style "papers please" campaign to harass and humiliate anyone with brown skin. Rubio, like the Skeletor looking criminal Governor P. Rick Scott rode the tsunami of racist demagogy into power in Florida, the diseased penis of America and will figure prominently in the coming restoration of the party to total and I mean total control. McCain has always had a burr up his puckering a**hole towards Obama after being b*tch slapped by the black man back in 2008 when he got his ass kicked in the general election. Never mind that his neocon inspired choice of the wild and loony Alaskan dingbat Sarah Palin conjured up images of Hitler and Hindenberg and the pit bull with lipstick would have access to the nuclear launch codes which scared the bejesus out of millions it was easier to just blame it on the black dude and Chicago politics. McCain sure didn't get his panties in a wad when Karl Rove chopped off his balls back in 2000 in South Carolina but Rove, who belongs in a federal prison for his role in the Plame outing is white.

This one is going to get the traction that all of the pigfuckery of the party of Reince Priebus (geez,the Third Reich would even make him tone that name down) and Karl Rove could never get the bogus Solyndra faux scandal to stick to the wall and with McCain and the rest of the swine pimping it to an eager to please their corporate bosses media it will stick to the Teflon coated sh*t salesman Obama too. Granted it's not the prized sex scandal because if there is one thing even the most buttfuck stupid of Americans understands it is the grave matter of someone putting Mr. Wiggly into the dirty place. Just ask John Edwards about that one, I have no idea why these idiots keep falling for the honey traps that are set for them by the garbage on the right but fall they do and are then publicly crucified for their inability to keep their dicks in their pants while demons like George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney are free to live as dignitaries and cash in on book deals and speaking gigs despite being murderous war criminals. Hey, is this a great country or what?

And with the human (and I use that word extremely loosely) oil slick that is Darrell Issa, who is about as slippery as a greased hamster at Bohemian Grove ratcheting up the pressure on dirty Eric Holder, a man whose sordid past should have disqualified him from so much as cleaning the floors and toilets at the Justice Department he will do as all rats do and roll over on his boss. DOJ is a teeming sewer of some of the biggest turds in this country and has been for a damned long time now, a haven for crooked lowlifes and bottom feeders the likes of Edwin Meese, Alberto 'Torquemada' Gonzalez, Janet Reno, Michael Mukasey and John Ashcroft are the most prominent but among career officials the rot runs deeply and the place is like a snakepit without a bottom. That however is a story for another time, you can bet that Holder will squeal like the proverbial pig dipped in hot oil as the notorious partisan hack Issa and his cronies dangle the contempt and other charges over his wretched head.

Not that I am any fan of Obama's, far from it, but it could get much worse. An especially ominous omen is the ongoing Project Mockingbird style Washington Post celebration of Watergate and with Manchurian McCain practically jumping through flaming hoops and blowing a pea across the floor to attract the contemptible for profit media to push for a tribunal on what is going to soon be labeled in typical idiotic fashion LEAKGATE. McCain is great at these sort of things, just ask the communist Vietcong who easily got the "maverick" to make anti-American propaganda films while his fellow prisoners at the Hanoi Hilton got the sh*t stomped out of them, were starved and heinously tortured while the admiral's son cut deals with the enemy.

Despite all of his failings Obama has seriously put a burr up the ass of the establishment and they are going to bring down hell upon his head like the alternate ending of Apocalypse Now when the air cav destroyed Colonel Kurtz's compound. In 2012 blowing the president's head off in public is far too crude, they have other more sophisticated methods of assassination now.

Just my two cents

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