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Our Job Description, Our Boss and the Key

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I believe destiny is the most misunderstood concept and so is the Law of Attraction. Our problems start from this point. When we fear destiny and therefore decide to make our own rules and plans to achieve what we want in life, we in fact run into a situation. All other billions of people on Earth want exactly the same thing. So how can we solve this conflict? In this article I am giving you a new perspective of destiny.


What is life? Life is a journey--Hmm--More like a roller coaster I would say. You never know what comes next. We find ourselves hit by surprises all the time; some good, and some bad. Yet, I believe we have a purpose. Even though life may seem chaotic once in a while, inside we have that feeling that there is a duty to fulfill. An urge sensation drives us to make things better. So what is that force that drives us in the roller coaster of life? That force is destiny.

Now you might ask, is destiny a curse or is destiny a gift from God? I would say none of the above. Destiny is not a curse and definitely not a gift. Let me explain. Many times, accidents and bad situations happen in our life due to our poor decisions. That doesn't mean these situations were part of our destiny, and that we had no choice in the matter because we were destined to fail or be treated badly. That's not how I see destiny. Don't you agree that children in the third-world countries are starving because resources of this world are divided by people not by God? Don't you agree that people form governments and boundaries from one country to another? Don't you agree that there are people who give orders to their soldiers to go fight other soldiers on other countries?

I hope you understand that what happens to us due to other people's poor decisions that had been carried on as rules and norms of societies, generations after generations should not be considered destiny. But, is destiny a gift from God? I would say NO! It's not that I don't believe in God. I do believe in God, and God is the center of my attention. But, God is our boss. Until now we had been talking about God as a mother or a father that takes care of us, protects us, and we must act like children that whine and whine and only expects things done by their parents. I hope by reading this article you will change your point of view. God is our boss! God as our creator has given us skills and talents. He has given us resources to live a wonderful life to prosper on Earth. God has given us imagination to use it and do marvelous things. A lot of things God has given us and those are His gifts to humans. But God has also given us a duty, and that's our destiny. In other words, destiny is our job that we have to fulfill using our gifts and skills.

In the physical plane Destiny is a force generated by our individual emotions, passions, sense of the making things better. In social plane destiny is the most important job that one has to complete in life. The description of this job that we have to fulfill is written in our DNA. The information that comes from inside us drives us to do things according to this blue print. Now you see what I mean by destiny is not a curse or a gift? Destiny, seen from this plane, is our duty. Some people do their job right and get lots of rewards at the end, some try to cheat and gets rewards before fulfilling their job.

The reward for completing our job is quite the same for everyone. At the end, we all get what we want the most, financial security, prosperity, or recognition for a job well done, and happiness for us and others around us. But these rewards are not so easy to reach. For some of us, it seems like the rewards are at the top floor of a very, very tall building. The top floor looks so luxurious, so appealing but, we have to start at the bottom floor.

When we start at the bottom floor we are all the same, and we all want to reach the top floor. Now things become complicated for many reasons. Some of these reasons are as follows:

1. Since we know what these rewards are (these are our desires), we start aiming for them, thinking that our job is to reach the rewards. At this point we start making our own plans to get to those rewards and forget that rewards come after we fulfill our job first, not before.

2. Since other people are thinking the same way (backwards) they too want the same rewards and they make their own plans. Now we start competing for rewards, when in fact we can all have everything we want once we fulfill our job, destiny.

3. Our boss is observing everything but is not showing Himself, so we start believing that no one is watching us and so, we can do whatever we want.

So, because of these three reasons, and probably others reasons as well, our job of destiny gets tougher and tougher each day. On the way to the top floor, we trip, we stumble, we learn from our mistakes, we push others and others push us. Some of us get fired and some of us get very little rewards depending how well we are doing our job, destiny. Some of us get stuck in one floor, some others give up in mid-way. Accidents happen when we start fighting for the same position and we forget that we are a team.

In my book "Secret Beyond the Secret" I show how to avoid this frustration, how to recognize your job description and not compete with others. I show how to avoid accidents and avoid getting fired. Knowing how to do your job, it will make your life easier, I promise you that. But one thing I cannot promise you, I cannot promise that once you understand your job description, the job of your destiny, you will get your rewards right away. Only our boss knows when you will get your rewards. Destiny is an ongoing job until the boss tells us, "enough, you deserve it." Until then, we must aim from one floor of the building to another. Until then we will meet with people who would aim for our position, until then we will face many doors, thinking that they all represent opportunities to get to the next floor up. Unfortunately, not all will lead us to the next floor. These many doors and opportunities are not all for us. These doors could be other people's doorways based on their destiny (job prescription). To find our own pathway we must first find the key. This key is the Law of Attraction.

Knowing your destiny but not using the Law of Attraction is like knowing which door will advance you to the top floor but not using the key to open the door. On the other hand knowing that the Law of Attraction is important but ignoring destiny, it's like having the key but not knowing which door it will open.

If you start opening all the doors one by one, trying to guess your way through, you will experience frustration and disappointment. Many people started to doubt The Law of Attraction because of the way this law was introduced. For those who are not familiar with this law, I will explain it in a quick and simple manner, here. The Law states that "like attracts like." This means that when we are positive we will attract positive events and pleasant situations in our life.

Some authors took this law a bit further by stating that since "like attracts like" then wish for whatever you want and it will happen. In other words, you can become rich if you wish for it, you can become famous if you wish for it. In short, they stated that you can write your own destiny to your rewards. But, that's where they went wrong. Many people believed this, because to tell you the truth it seems like a compelling offer. Who doesn't want to become rich and famous? Who doesn't want the rewards without the hard work? "Just wish, wish hard enough and then it will come true" they said. Then the frustration began. People all over the world wished and wished hard for their needs and dreams but in many cases, nothing happened. In fact, after trying so hard, many people gave up on wishing for success and doubted that this law was the right key to success.

Followers of "The Secret" (the theory, the book and the movie) believe that Destiny is something that can be changed and even more, state that everyone can write their own Destiny. As such, Destiny to them is irrelevant. I support the fact that Destiny is actually unchangeable. Destiny is a blueprint that is already designed. Destiny is an energy field with instructions. However, we have the potential to exercise our free will within its confines to make our paths toward our Destiny happier and more satisfying. It all depends on how we make our choices. Therefore, using the Law of Attraction to open the right door--the door to our Destiny--is the solution to this problem.


Ardiana Bani Cohn, author, life coach, and a college instructor. Teaching math and science for 22 years, continuisly reading and taking courses in psychology, philosophy and metaphysics all these created the ground for discovering laws of living, (more...)
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