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Julian Assange Vs. The Basturds

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Julian Assange Vs. The Basturds


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"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. " - Albert Einstein

"Let's be clear: WikiLeaks is not a news organization; it is a criminal enterprise." - Washington Toast's Marc A. Thiessen, a longtime spokesman for the D.C. based Association of Lunatic Windbags.

"I would really like to see President Obama to move to ask the government of Iceland to shut that website down. I would like to see him move to shut it down ourselves if Iceland won't do it. I would like to see them move aggressively to prosecute Mr. Assange and certainly ensure that he never again gets a visa to enter the United States." - Dick Cheney's Liz Cheney. She speaks for all the lizards in the room.

"Mr Assange can say whatever he likes about the greater good he thinks he and his source are doing, but the truth is they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an Afghan family." - Admiral Mullen, after smoking a joint rolled by the Commander-in-Chief.

"The battlefield consequences of the release of these documents are potentially severe and dangerous for our troops, our allies and Afghan partners, and may well damage our relationships and reputation in that key part of the world." - War Secretary Robert Gates. By "battlefield" he means the propaganda battlefield, and by "that key part of the world," he means the area that spans from New York to California.

"And my attitude on this is that there are two -- two areas of culpability. One is legal culpability. And that's up to the Justice Department and others. That's not my arena. But there's also a moral culpability. And that's where I think the verdict is guilty on WikiLeaks. They have put this out without any regard whatsoever for the consequences." - War Secretary Robert Gates, Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

"We know for a fact that people will likely be killed because of this information being disclosed. That's pretty serious. If they don't charge him with treason, they ought to charge him with murder." - Stupid Congressman Mike Rogers. He has a warped understanding of treason. Zionist supporters are betraying America, not a 22 year old Army Specialist.

"Why is it acceptable for Wikileaks to publish the names of all the Afghan civilians who have provided information to U.S. forces? Everyone knows that is a death sentence for those people. Is it up to Julian Assange, the owner of Wikileaks, and his team to decide which Afghans get a chance to live and which do not?" - CBS War Whorespondent Lara Logan.

"I take this opportunity to criticize the release of these documents. It was extremely irresponsible and, basically, it was a crime." - German ISAF General Josef Blotz. If he had been a General during the Nazi era he would've stuck with Hitler to the end.
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"If Hollywood were ever to make a film about a nihilistic leaker-hacker dude, a rootless subverter of international public order, they couldn't do better than to cast Julian Assange as himself." - Tunku Varadarajan. From England, Tunku is a UK nut. He gets everything backward in the article on WikiLeaks. He confuses nihilistic with idealistic, dude with hero, and subverter of international public order with enabler of international public order.

"The entire article called, 'Inside WikiLeaks' Leak Factory' by David Kusher" - Mother Jones Magazine, MILF: Mothers.I.Like.To.Fine. (for libel). Mother Jones got Oath Keepers wrong, and WikiLeaks. They must really hate the American people, the U.S. Constitution, and freedom. Oh well. At least the world has a record of this publication's colossal stupidity.

"I think people are going to get killed. I think that's inevitable. We need to come down hard and punish this to deter others from doing it in the future."- U.S Sinator Lindsey Graham. He is going to be prosecuted for war crimes. I think that's inevitable.
A new intelligent machine has risen in the propaganda war, and it is the greatest weapon for liberty and justice in the world today: WikiLeaks. If the internet was around in 1937, and WikiLeaks had emerged then, the Nazis, who worshiped secrecy, would've sh*t in their pants, and Julian Assange would've been honored with the title as the greatest fighter against fascism. It is tough to know, but if such a technology existed during that time, there is a good chance that dissidents in the highest ranks of the German military would've seized on the opportunity by releasing secret Nazi documents to the German people, and Hitler's momentum would've been curtailed before the worst crimes were committed.

All dictatorial systems are ruled by parasites who fear transparency. They have dark secrets at their core, secrets that sometimes extend a couple of generations, secrets that would reveal an ugly reality that would be impossible to ignore. If these secrets were known, or even admitted in the case of open secrets, the political firestorm that would ensue would last until the system was abolished. All rulers who rule by secrecy are afraid of informed and critically engaged citizens. The cliche that knowledge is power is true. Any organization that assists in informing citizens that live under dictatorial systems should not just be praised, but defended against attack, and ignorance. That is why it is so critically important that all freedom fighters in the world defend WikiLeaks against tabloid smears in the press, ignorance, and spiteful charges by warmongers.

The biggest reason why Defense Secretary Gates, and figures like Marc Thiessen have attacked Julian Assange with so much animosity is not because the documents that his organization have leaked put the lives of Afghan informants, or even American soldiers in danger, but because they fear Julian Assange. He is a threat to their criminal wars of aggression. And now he is a target for assassination (if you don't believe, believe it - U.S. is ruled by monsters). "For men harm others," said Machiavelli, "because they fear them or because they hate them."
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In the article, "On Wikileaks (IV): A World Without Obedience or Authority: Toward a Life of One's Own, and a Real Revolution," Arthur Silber separates the singular power of WikiLeaks, and the all-encompassing power of the U.S. empire, and put their power in context. One of them commits crimes, and the other exposes them. Silber:
"As demonstrated repeatedly by the historical record and by events today, the leaders of American Empire use everything and even nothing to justify their actions and policies. In this sense, the leaders of American Empire are profoundly irrational and endlessly, murderously destructive. Their arguments are self-contradictory, massively inconsistent, and frequently incoherent. Yet today's leaders of American Empire also possess the most frighteningly powerful weaponry and military in all of history. From this perspective, the Empire has all the power.

In comparative terms (and even in absolute terms), Wikileaks has no capabilities or powers at all -- except for one. And that is the ability to make information available to everyone, information which the otherwise all-powerful leaders of Empire seek to keep secret from those they rule, and from those they seek to subjugate in the future. In this context, and especially when we keep in mind the gaping abyss between the powers of Empire and the single power of Wikileaks, to blame Wikileaks (or anyone similarly situated) for the improper use of the material they release is to blame Wikileaks for someone else's irrationality and immense destructiveness. It is to blame Wikileaks for actions over which Wikileaks has no control whatsoever."
Silber says that the revolutionary power of WikiLeaks should not be underestimated, it levels the playing field, and allows the victims to look their tyrants in the eyes as they face their crimes. Silber:
"But the very purpose of Wikileaks is to challenge any and every authority of this kind. For Wikileaks, the only authority that matters -- the only person who is ultimately entitled to all available information and who properly should judge it -- is you. In this sense, which I submit is the highest and best sense of the term, Wikileaks is a genuine "leveller." It seeks to make each and every individual the ultimate judge of the truth, just as it seeks to empower all people to make the determination as to what course of action is indicated, if any. This, dear reader, is what a real revolution looks like."
What troubles all authoritarians, whether on the right or left, is that Assange is a credible rebel. He is well-informed, speaks eloquently, and he's no peacenik. He does not speak politely of tyrants, and warmongers, and doesn't treat them as state gods. In an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel, Assange said, "I enjoy crushing bastards." And so do many other people, which is why Tarantino's film Inglourious Basterds was so popular.

It is healthy to like crushing bastards because that is what the natural protectors of freedom do: they expose, and crush bastards. And who are the bastards? Those who support criminal wars. Those who stand against freedom. Those who defend illegal secrecy. Those who repress human rights, and destroy the rule of law.

Assange also said in the same interview that he enjoys "helping people who are vulnerable." The man has a beautiful soul, and good sense. And he's a visionary. WikiLeaks is both a shield to protect the vulnerable, and a sword to crush inhumane criminal bastards.

How we view dictatorial systems, and the people in charge of them naturally dictates how we will resist them. If the West had approached Hitler's army weakly, and professed in a timid manner that he was a tyrant, then the Nazis would've won. Instead, there was Churchill roaring like a lion, and Americans matching Nazi brutality, so Hitler lost. That seems simple, and surely there was more to Allied victory, but half the battle in any conflict is won by attitude alone. And Assange has the right type of attitude to make the tyrants of the world shake in their boots for as long as WikiLeaks is operational.


Saman Mohammadi is a soldier of the infowar, and a full-time university student in Toronto, Canada. His blog is The Excavator - http://disquietreservations.blogspot.com.
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