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International Corporations/Banks using KKK Blueprint?

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Will you take a minute to connect some dots?


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Old Owners or Current Owners? by http://www.islamweb.net/emainpage/index.php?page=articles&id=138399

Minorities are soon to be, or are the majority. Putting major voting blocks in prison, or finding ways of making them die and/or not reproduce has been failing for the racist, international elite. Jewish Mafia, Italian Mafia, Irish Mafia, Klu Klux Klan, and Blue Blood Elite offspring now intermarry, hang out, and watch their kids play soccer on the same fields. Our corporate and international banker owners can no longer keep rigging elections to keep their own people in seats, so there has to be a purge.

Look at the KKK blueprint.

It the old South, and even in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York City, the Klan could keep the minorities in their place. Police would use informants, provocateurs, narcotics, terrorism, false statements, perjury, beatings, murder-for-hire and other means to keep minorities in their place. Breaking up families, ruining small businesses, and keeping neighborhood leaders from meeting and informing others was the plan. Neighborhood businesses would be made to fail.

What did the FBI do to Martin Luther King? How did the FBI instigate, promote, and organize Black Panther violence? If you don't know, look it up.

If you are Black, or if you are the new Black, and you are in a downtown USA neighborhood, or anywhere average USA, looking after your family, looking to retire, and wanting a piece of the pie you worked so hard for, what would Klan members in the police, the courts, lawyers offices, and who sit in seats rigged by elections wanting to do to you back in the day?
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Well, it is the same day, different players. These players are just the offspring of our continual abusers.

Well, sit there and realize that the elite offshore who own banks and run corporations, feel that we the people are all Black, if we are not part of their group. We are eating their food, breathing their air, and reproducing like flies. That is what they think, and that is how they are treating us. Look around, listen to what they are really saying.

We are all Black. Blacks in ghettos infiltrated by the KKK shouldn't have guns, right?

We are paying for unmanned drones to bomb, strafe, and spy on all populations in corporate bankster occupied areas. We have now been declared an international war zone. We are being dealt with next. It is our turn.

Let's all argue amongst ourselves. Big Brother will love us for our stupidity. Just sit there and take it if you like it.

An international treaty will likely ban all guns in private hands worldwide. So, the US is to lose its sovereignty. For real, and on paper, is that okay with you, or were you fooled into believing something else?
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