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Government Corruption, Crime, and Cover-ups ...

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Impunity: THE Weapon of Mass Corruption ...



Dr Anne Jeffers
Consultant Psychiatrist
Galway Mental Health Service
Loughrea Day Hospital
HSE West
Barrack Street
County Galway
Republic of Ireland.

June 30th 2012.

Dear Dr Jeffers,

RE: Notes relating to June 25th 2012 Appointment

Thank you for seeing me on June 25th 2012.

By the end of last Monday's meeting, and with reference to the four main issues I wished to discuss with you, which I set out under section 1) to 4) of my e-mail (and my very closely related registered letter) to you dated June 20th 2012, copies of which can be viewed at DrAnneJeffers /20June2012/Email.htm , I understand the following to be the case:

1) For some reason (or reasons) which continue to be a source of great mystery and concern to me, you are still very doubtful and hesitant about providing me with a supportive letter which might help me to get legal representation of the kind which recognises the factual existence of national and international legislation based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights set of basic human rights principles, and which is willing to use such legislation on my behalf for the purpose of protecting me from all of the ongoing criminal abuse (and directly related criminal cover-ups) which the Government of the Republic of Ireland, and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britton and Northern Ireland are subjecting me to in connection with (among other things) the matters I wrote about in my pension appeals letter dated November 2nd 2011.

A scanned copy of my November 2nd 2011 pension appeal letter, which on account of the "unconstitutional activities" set of problems related in the letter, was copied (by registered post) to President Michael D. Higgins (the "Principal Guardian" of the Republic of Ireland's Constitution), can be viewed at the following Internet location: PensionAppealsOffice r/2November2011/ RegisteredLetter .htm

Nevertheless, you have, with my full approval and my wholehearted encouragement, decided to discuss my present situation with a colleague, who is also a consultant psychiatrist, and who works for the United Nations. My understanding is that you will ask him to take a careful look at my case, which as you know is extensively documented at my (and other closely related Internet web sites of mine) , when you meet him (on Thursday, June 28th 2012); and, that after he has given you his overall opinion, you will let me know what your position is at that point in time regarding the supportive letter in question (that I have been seeking for years from yourself and other consultant psychiatrists). You will not be able to inform me of your decision relating to this point until sometime towards the end of July 2012, after you get back from your holidays. It would be very much appreciated if you could please advise me in writing, as to what your final decision is regarding this particular matter.


2) You will seek guidance from your United Nations consultant psychiatrist colleague regarding the reparations I believe are absolutely necessary: if I am ever to recover from C-PTSD (Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) injuries I now suffer from, which are the direct result of the long string of extremely serious crimes committed against me "at the hands of individuals and public officials and bodies" ( Dr Michael McCavert's words ) -- with impunity over a period of several years -- by the Republic of Ireland Government, and by the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britton and Northern Ireland, in connection with my ongoing efforts to challenge unconstitutional activities (which include unconstitutional legislation) in the Republic of Ireland, and in the Republic of the United States of America.

In addition to the information relating to these extremely serious, and indeed highly treasonous forms of government crime, which is provided in the set-of-five registered letters posted by me on April 25th 2008 and referred to at PrimeMinisterAhern /25April2008/Email.htm , and in the closely related information contained in the set-of-three registered letters posted by me on May 9th 2008 at PrimeMinisterCowen /9May2008/Email.htm (both of which were mentioned in my registered letter to you of June 20th 2012) , there is also the matter of those abuses mentioned in the e-mail I sent to you on July 5th 2009 at DrAnneJeffers/ 5July2009 /Email.htm ,
and in the registered letter I sent to you on November 20th 2008 at DrAnneJeffers /20November2008/Email.htm


3) With reference to the 20,000 Euros (or so) which I am owed in connection with unpaid pension and disability payments, you appear to believe, in some kind of way which seems extremely vague and uncertain to me, and which puzzles me and concerns me greatly, that all I have to do is to "sign and return" a completely new pension application form; and, that if I do so, my pension will be granted with little or no difficulty. However, assuming I was to ever act on such advice, you are completely unable to give any assurances whatsoever regarding a) the issue of what happens in connection with the matter of 20,000 Euros (or thereabouts) I mentioned in my registered letter to you on June 20th 2012, or, b) the processing time involved in connection with a new application: having due regard for the fact that it took 13 months or so to process the pension application I submitted on March 16th 2011, and which eventually ended in what I view as a corruption-ridden, and a cover-up ridden, criminally irresponsible refusal to provide me the old age pension which I continue to believe I am lawfully entitled to since March 2011.

As I pointed out to you at last Monday's meeting, the unpaid 20,000 Euros (or thereabouts) is of huge importance me. On account of the C-PTSD "explosive anger" symptom I struggle with, Gerard (my brother) decided to leave his own home (where I am at present staying) and move in to Marjorie's home (our half-sister): where he has been living since February 2011. Provided I am paid the 20,000 (in connection with the unpaid disability and pension payments I believe I am now owed), it would be possible for me to arrange, within a matter of weeks probably, for the completion of enough of the basic repair work needed to make my now semi-derelict home reasonably habitable again. Once it is reasonably habitable, I could then  move back to my own home: thus enabling Gerald to safely return to his.

As I also pointed out to you at our June 25th 2012 meeting, I first came under pressure from Marjorie to "sign and return a new pension application form" on November 17th 2011, as a result of Declan Harney (Psychiatric Nurse on your team) contacting the Pension Office some days before November 17th 2011: entirely without any consent from me, and entirely without my knowledge even. Later, and this continues to concern me in a very major way (ever since November 17th 2011), Declan Harney has persisted with his assertions (of unknown origin) that "the only way I could get the old age pension" was to "sign and return a new pension application form": despite the fact that he had been very clearly informed (by Marjorie) in the days immediately following November 17th 2011, about the formal appeal I had lodged on November 2nd 2011 referred to in 1) above. Correctly or otherwise, I am very strongly of the opinion that Declan Harney's November 2011 attempts to try and lure me into submitting a completely new pension application form, and your own very similar efforts at last Monday's meeting, constitute -- in reality -- criminal attempts to help the governments in question to continue on covering up all of the extremely serious crime I have been trying to expose since 1998: much of which is very clearly referred to in my November 2nd 2011 pension appeal letter at the Internet address provided in Section 1) above.

Shortly after our meeting of last Monday, which I found very stressful in some ways, I discussed this situation with Marjorie and Gerald, and decided that until such time as I receive legal representation of the kind referred to in Section 1) above, I will not be submitting any more old age pension application forms: even though this may mean that Gerald might -- in a way which I have no control over -- decide (at any time) to stop providing me with the 500 Euros per month loans (against my semi-derelict home) that he has already been providing me with for somewhere in the region of 52 months now. In other words, I would now rather face starvation, than to do anything which would help our Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) to keep on covering up all the outrageous government crime I have outlined in my November 2nd 2011 pension appeal letter referred to in Section 1) above, and which I first started to become aware of in the Summer of 1998 when I returned to the Republic of Ireland to retire: to find front page headlines in a local newspaper of advanced plans by Galway County Council (acting in very close conjunction with Central Government) to locate a new "Superdump for Connacht" close to the world famous Turoe Stone (which is widely regarded among well-informed people as the most important piece of ancient Celtic stone-art in the world).


4) You  seemed to agree that "paranoid" was probably not the best word to describe the fact that I continue to feel unsafe about presenting myself to a hospital consultant for the surgical procedure connected with the now long-overdue prostate cancer screening test I should have had well over four years ago.

However, you do still seem to believe that the unsafe feeling I have in connection with this matter might be the product of an "overvalued idea" of some kind.

Allowing for the fact that I have never received any reply to the registered letter I sent to Fermanagh and Tyrone Hospital Consultant Dr Thomas Foster on August 11th 2008, copies of which were sent (also through the registered post) to former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP, and former Republic of Ireland Prime Minister Brian Cowan TD, I do not share this "overvalued idea" viewpoint with you: particularly when it is the case that 20 days later three uniformed members of the PSNI (Police Force of Northern Ireland) -- two of them carrying very dangerous looking machine guns -- suddenly, and for no good reason whatsoever that I know of, appeared at the Greencastle (near Omagh) address I was then staying at: demanding that I present myself at "1400 hours" the following day at Omagh Police Station (on a "voluntary" basis); and, clearly stating -- at the same time -- that failure to comply with their demand would result in they visiting me again very soon after the 1400 hour deadline: for the purpose of arresting me.

A copy of the text of my registered letter (together with copies of the associated Post Office receipts) to Dr Foster of August 11th 2008 can be viewed at: DrThomasFoster/ 11August2008/Letter.htm

I would be very grateful if you (and all other readers of this information) would please take careful note of the fact that Chief Inspector Michael Winters (Omagh Police Station, Email address removed ) , was among those the text of the registered letter to Dr Foster, referred to at the www address immediately above, was copied to on August 11th 2008: just 20 days before my very public Sunday lunchtime "machine gun PSNI interview" of August 31st 2008: which resulted in I fleeing the address (never to return) in fear for my life: within hours of the PSNI officers departing the scene at lunchtime on August 31st 2008.

Unless and until I receive reparations of the kind referred to in the "THE RIGHT TO REPARATION/GUARANTEES OF NON-RECURRENCE" section of the United Nations document titled "Updated Set of principles for the protection and promotion of human rights through action to combat impunity" at http:// /nizkor/impu/principles.html , I will continue to feel that it is safest for me to avoid undergoing all surgical procedures involving hospital consultants, at least for as long as the Tamsulosin medication Dr John Kilraine GP is providing me with keeps the pain I am experiencing within manageable limits: while having due regard for the extremely serious nature of the government crime I have been trying to expose for the past several years: crime which very deeply and directly involves the virtually all-powerful, highly secretive , and totally ruthless, "Money Power Psychopaths" I have referred to in the registered letter I sent to you on June 20th 2012, the text of which can be viewed at: DrAnneJeffers /20June2012/Email.htm


Later today I will place a copy of the text of this registered letter at the following address: DrAnneJeffers /30June2012/ RegisteredLetter .htm

In addition, and mostly on account of a) the doubts and reservations you still seem to have about helping me to get legal representation of the kind I believe I need in order to recover from the C-PTSD injuries I now suffer from (referred to in Section 1 above), and, b) because of the very important (to me) "paranoia/overvalued idea" issue (referred to in Section 4 above) relating to the "prostate cancer screening test" that is now well over four years overdue, I will also send a copy of this letter through the registered post today to Minister for Health Dr. James Reilly TD.

Finally, I would like to remind you of the fact that -- as I mentioned to you towards the end of last Monday's meeting -- I have come across (four years or so ago) a large amount of what I consider to be good-quality evidence which strongly suggests that if C-PTSD injuries are not responsibly dealt with in a timely manner by the health care professionals involved in each individual case, there is a very real risk that, just as untreated (or badly treated) physical injuries can easily turn into systemic physical illnesses, so also can C-PTSD injuries very easily turn to systemic mental illnesses. So far, and thanks very largely (as I see things) to the fact that I have been able to build up accurate and very public Internet records (which include scanned copies of several registered letters sent to a selection of senior lawyers, politicians, consultant psychiatrists, and so on) of my efforts (dating back to 1998 or thereabouts) to expose the criminal constitutional wrongdoing which the governments in question continue to wilfully cover-up, I believe I have fully succeeded (thus far) in preventing my particular set of C-PTSD injuries from transforming themselves into systemic mental illness of any kind, such as "paranoia", "overvalued ideas", and everything else of that sort.

I wish to finish this letter by stating that among the most socially destructive examples of "overvalued ideas" that I have ever come across in the whole of my life to date, are those connected with the ongoing multi-billion Euros bank-bailouts (using tax-payers money) that are supposedly going to resolve the quadrillions of Euros of outstanding "derivatives" gambling debts which the ultra wealthy and virtually all-powerful "Money Power Psychopaths" are responsible for creating, primarily through the use of unconstitutional (and consequently unlawful and completely invalid) legislation produced for them by the many puppet governments which they control, and whose numbers include the present Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) of the Republic of Ireland, as well as the present Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) of the Republic of the United States of America. If humanity as a whole knows what's good for it, I believe it will need to successfully tackle these "Money Power Psychopaths" problems as a matter of urgency, using the basic set of human rights principles -- and the closely associated national and international legislation -- set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights: while keeping in mind the following excerpt from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights PREAMBLE:

"Now, Therefore THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY proclaims THIS UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations, to the end that every individual and every organ of society , keeping this Declaration constantly in mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, national and international, to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance , both among the peoples of Member States themselves and among the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction."

Yours sincerely,

William Finnerty.

c/o Finnerty's Shop
New Inn
County Galway
Republic of Ireland.



William Finnerty is back living in the Republic of Ireland at the present time, which is where he was born and where he grew up. His father was Irish (County Galway), and his mother American (New York City). He has worked mostly in the (more...)
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