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Someone in Canada sent me an audio link to a rather alarming radio broadcast of an interview with a military wife. She has been hit with a number of warnings originating from individuals within the military or CIA in the last few days of an imminent and massive terror attack against America. Consequently, I have decided to issue another False Flag Alert. It seems perversely logical, to the sick minds of the cabal running America, as well as their bloody-minded followers who are actually praying for such an event, to take advantage of yet another emotionally devasatating attack upon us to lockstep America deeper down the negative path of fear, hatred and endless warfare. This begs the question: Is this cabal also actually engineering such an attack? You have to be pretty naive not to at least entertain such a possibility. After all, Hitler started World War II with a False Flag Op against Poland. It is obvious to me that these people are psychopaths with epic, blind hubris who must be stopped before America becomes an enormous Greek tragedy.


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[[Pirate3]] - Pirates used to fly a false national ensign until an unsuspecting ship was close, then unfurl the Jolly Roger and attack.



Previous Posts: http://www.opednews.com/maxwrite/diarypage.php?did=4016




FALSE FLAG OPS POTENTIAL TARGETS (identified by commentators thus far):

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Washington, D.C.

San Francisco & Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Portland




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This is my fourth post of a public diary entry entitled "False Flag Watch" that I will run from time to time to do just that, watch for False Flag Operations, or signs and omens thereof, in America and beyond, because there is much concern right now that there are forces at work within the bowels of our own government, or just beyond in its shadow networks, that are, if not actually planning a staged terrorist attack on America, at least praying for one to happen. These latter "prayers" have actually been duly publicized in the media recently and should be cause for great concern, if for no other reason than the old admonition, "Be careful what you pray for." We are also watching for False Flag Ops beyond America's borders that are designed to strongly impact foreign and domestic policy.Note as well that False Flag Operations have an ugly history as covert and deceitful tools of governments to achieve less than noble aims, so I am not hallucinating here. False Flag Ops go all the way back to Emperor Nero framing the Christians for the Great Fire of Rome and beyond, wherever and whenever a State or other political body practiced deceit to manipulate its citizens at the expense of some poor scapegoat.



After someone sent me the link to a TRUENEWS.COM broadcast dated August 9, 2007, I have decided to put out a heightened False Flag Alert. The broadcaster, Rick Wiles, interviewed another radio personality, Chuck Crismier, host of the Viewpoint Radio Program (http://www.saveus.org/broadcast/broadcast.asp ) who had learned of a woman who had received strong warnings of an imminent, catastrophic attack on America. So Crismier interviewed her, anonymously, and she relayed five specific warnings she had received or extrapolated between Wednesday, August 1 and Sunday, August 5.

These began with a communication from a relative in the military overseas, who warned her that there is significant internet chatter that something "big" is up and imminent, meaning multiple attacks resulting in civil unrest. She stated that they (the military) are prepared for a concise kind of event.

Secondly, she was informed by a friend in the DC area that a neighbor working in the CIA warned this friend that a catastrophic event is imminent. This CIA official, she stated, went so far as to give the friend's family a precise escape route heading west from Washington.

Thirdly, another phone call within this short timespan conveyed to her an alert from a worker or official in the Pentagon to a pastor in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area warning him to tell his congregation that "something really big is about to happen".

Fourthly, she learned that Quantico Marine Base in Northern Virginia (she is in a military family), was in a very high state of security, although not in a total lockdown. (Whether this is ongoing now I cannot confirm at this time.)

Lastly, friends informed her that their son, who is in the military and about to be deployed, told them that the military was having deploying personnel fill out paperwork listing the names and addresses of relatives so that "when the bad things happened that they were expecting, military personnel would show up at the doors of their relatives and take them off to safe places." She noted this this would be extremely unusual, way beyond normal military protocol. Does this indicate that the military is anticipating widespread social chaos and civil strife?

To hear this dramatic broadcast within a broadcast (which I might add are via two Christian radio stations, so that you will hear a few religious expressions here and there, nothing overbearing) please visit:


and play or download the Thursday August 9, 2007 broadcast entitled:

Chuck Crismier: DRUM BEATS

For the reader's convenience I have inserted excerpts of the original Crismier broadcast at the bottom of this post that have been graciously transcribed for me. I am cutting to the chase and only inserting those sections most pertinent to the woman's warnings. If you want a copy of the entire transcript, please contact me.

Note that the woman's quotes are in blue, Crismier's in black.


Now this broadcast concerns me a lot, because it represents inadvertent whistleblowers from both the CIA and the military worried enough to warn their closest friends and relatives about a pending danger both to them in particular and America in general. This is enough for me to announce a YELLOW ALERT, which is, in my own warning system, above orange, but below one other, the highest alert, red. My intuition is telling me that this woman is genuine and not making this stuff up. Decide for yourself by listening to her.

Now, if people in the government are warning their friends and loved ones, why aren't they also warning the public at large? So I am directing this following note to everyone out there who is knowledgeable that some kind of HORRIFIC attack is about to take place, whether you think al Qaeda, the US government or black ops outside of the government are behind it, or a combination of all three. Many readers at OpEdNews already believe that 9/11 was orchestrated by a political cabal, and realize that 9/11, the Sequel, will be employed to usher in a police state.


Contact me, contact other writers at OpEdNews you may prefer, contact Rob Kall, our fearless publisher, or contact another website or alternative media site. Probably you do not want to contact the FBI. They are likely compromised. Use your intelligence, but do it quickly. We may not have much time.


Partial Transcript of Chuck Crismier - Drum Beats

.....It is in that context, friends, that we bring before you late, breaking news...late breaking news, throughout the United States, and throughout the World, that is making its way through a labyrinthine, series of conversations and events, that we bring to you, to, at least, let you know, the 'scuttlebut' of what seems to be, in the works worldwide.

We have a special guest joining us, concerning this, as I indicated we will not be disclosing the name of this individual, for security reasons, and for protection reasons, of a variety of sorts; but, I want to welcome our special guest to ViewPoint today, it's good to have you.

Thank you.

And I need to have you speak up as loudly as possible, we want to make sure we don't miss a single word of what you have to say, because, indeed, it is of great concern, and that's really why you're here, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

Now, recently, you received information, a phone conversation, with someone else in the United States of America, indicating that they had been in communication with another party, related to the United States Military, that there were substantial preparations being made for some kind of a portending event.

Can you give some light on that?

I received a phone call, from my sister in law, who's son is serving in the Military, and he is in correspondence through the computer hooked up with the monitor and with the mike and he told them they had been briefed that the chatter had become very loud and that they were expecting an attack anytime in the United States, multiple attacks, in the United States; and that, um, he was, that my brother and sister in law were to arm themselves. My nephew's wife and two small children are living, nearby my brother and sister in law, and he told them to arm and get ready.

To get ready for what?

To get ready for the civil unrest that was going to follow the attacks that were going taking place in the United States.

So, there was anticipation, not that an attack 'might' take place, but it almost sounds like, there was knowledge, that it 'would' take place.

They are expecting it.

It's almost as if they have knowledge as to when it's going to take place.

They know, as the General said, that it could happen anytime, anyday.

Why would we not be informed, as the American people, of such a portending attack?

I've thought about this, um, I've thought, that, perhaps, they don't want to scare people. When I started realizing that, in the newspapers, I was seeing, small little articles coming through, that said, al Qaeda sells have grown up, that an attack is inevitable in the United States, different little snippets, that had come across, but nothing that, um, portended the disaster and destruction that seems to come, um, through this phone call.

But this information was coming via someone who was being trained in the United States Military, so it was not coming from these shores?


What did you feel like when you heard that report?

Well, I felt a multiple, a number of emotions, first of all, um, my family, many of my members of my family, live and work in the Washington D.C. area, and um, my first thought was, I need to warn them. I need to warn them, that they can come to live with me, they that need to get out at the very first sign, that they need to have bags packed, gas in the car, um, at the very first notice that anything's happened, they need to get on the road and to come to our house.

So, not only is their an intense worldwide chatter, that's developing, that we are hearing reports of, but now, this is coming, as a virtual certainty, coming from the United States Military, that they are prepared for a, precise kind of event.




Now, with that having been said, that was your first exposure?


What happened then?

I, um, actually, was on my way to visit my grandchildren, and, um, my son and daughter in law, and I told them in the morning, and, of course, they were shocked, and when you are trying to protect your family, it knocks you off your heels a little. But then my daughter in law said, can I share this, and I feel very strongly, um, that Scripture indicates, that if you know that death is coming towards someone, you have it, it's incumbent upon you to share that, or, their blood will be on your hands.

Very, very important, so, we can't just clam up as Christians... No...we have a responsibility, not just to, cavalierly, throw out warnings, but after evaluating, carefully assessing, verifying, as much as we can, if there's something that is seriously jeopardizing, not only our fellow believers, but also other citizens, the second great commandment, virtually requires, that we, if we love our neighbour as ourself, we're going to warn them, aren't we? So what happened?

My daughter in law asked me if she could share this, and I told her I felt she had to. So, the first person she called, um, lives a few blocks away from her, in her neighborhood, and she said, oh well, that's very interesting, cause, two nites ago, my neighbour who's in the CIA came over told us the very same thing, that something bad was going to happen, and that we needed to prepare to, um, leave as soon as something happened, and he gave them escape routes and a place to go to in the mountains.

So, this is a member of the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, in the Washington, D.C. area, that tells your daughter in law, that, there's something serious about to happen and they need to be prepared and gives them the specific escape route.


Now, this isn't some just, generic thing, maybe something will happen, maybe it won't, is it?

No, no, he told them to go West, and, um, told them how to get there?

So, there are plans?


For those, who are privy to those plans?

I guess so, uhuh.

Mmm, that's kind a scary, isn't it?

It's very frightening.

Because, not everyone is being informed of this.


And you were told, initially, by a member of the United States Military, out of this country, that you needed to arm yourselves.


Now, why, would Christians need to arm themselves...what can we possibly do, uh, against bombs and chemical warfare and things like that; is that the reason why we're to arm ourselves? What were the reasons, if any, given?

He didn't give any reasons, I prayed about it, and, um, the city that, his, um, father lives in, is, um, is a very poor city, primarily, um, the largest part of the population is at the poverty level, and my brother is, um, is rather wealthy, and, um, I think he was rather frightened for civil unrest and that is why he was saying, arm yourself, he wants his children protected and he wants his father protected.

So, when you see major things happening...such as happened down in New Orleans...


...civil unrest breaks out, people begin looting, much like what happened in the Rodney King experience down in Los Angeles, the Watts riots, and so on, and tremendous damage can be done, and, uh, people go where the money is, they go where the property is, they go where they can get the most, the quickest, don't they?

Correct.And, as Christians, though, we have difficulties, bearing arms, sometimes, and standing up for things like this, does that trouble you at all?

I deal in, what I do in my life, I deal with a lot of people who have been hurt, by very evil people, and I feel that, um, there is a need to protect the innocent, that if there if the evil is coming towards you, you have as much of a need to protect them with an arms, as you do with a warning, uh, as being a watchmen on the wall.

So, this is precisely why we have a second amendment to the United States Constitution?

I believe so.

Our founders understood this, and were very concerned and they thought that this was so important they included it in the Bill of Rights, didn't they?


I've always, personally, been troubled with bearing arms, and I've chosen to trust the Lord and I really haven't been much of a hunter, or anything like that; so, for me, while I believe in the validity and reason for the Second Ammendment, it is troubling to me, I must admit...


...because it puts us in a tension between trusting God, and loving our enemies, and so on, alright, but that's not the end of the story, is it?

No, I, uh...

If that were the end of the story, we, probably, wouldn't be doing this program.

I placed a phone call to a friend of mine, that I've known for about 25 years, who also lives in the Washington, D.C. area, her sister and brother in law pastor a church in that area and last week she received a phone call from her sister, who said they had gotten a very disturbing email, from someone they knew who worked in the Pentagon, and his message to them was, something very big was going to happen, and you need to, prayerfully consider, warning your congregation to get prepared.

Someone in the Pentagon, right there in Washington, D.C., the very center, the heart of American Military Intelligence, warned a Pastor, in Northern Virginia, to warn his congregation, that something is immediate impending...


...and it's big...


...How could he know that !?!

He has to be in on the know, I'm sure that the briefings that my nephew underwent, overseas, that they're being briefed, also, in the United States.

***Crismier digresses at this point into some lengthy evangelical sermonizing, which I'm going to skip***

........We have a special guest joining us today...we have kept her identity quiet, because it's just not necessary to identify the various individuals that are involved, I don't know who they all are, anyway; I don't know who any of them are, but, we do know that there is a pattern, a pathway, that has been traced now, from around the world, of information, that is, each item, is confirming another, that indeed, there is a very serious likelihood of something dramatic, not pleasant, happening in this country, the good old U.S. of A. Let's get back to our guest, you've relayed a couple of instances now, one coming from outside the country, initially, and the report coming to you, then, being confirmed in a different way, inside the country, as you were communicating with a friend, up in the Washington, D.C. area, then, a warning, that person indicated to you, that a CIA agent, who was a friend, had come to them, as a Pastor in Northern Virginia...

No, no...the correction is, the second, um, um, confirmation, was that a friend of my daughter in law lived next to a CIA agent


...the third confirmation was that someone in the Pentagon, contacted the Pastor and his wife about that.

Alright...alright...so, we are having a series...


...of these verifications, alluding to the very same kind of events...


Alright, what else have you heard?

Um, on my way back from the visit in Northern Virginia, I found out that Quantico Marine Base, was in, um, a very tight, secure, um, I don't know if it would really be a total lockdown, but they were getting much, much stronger in their, um, security.

Alright, now, Quantico, for those who are listening around the world, and we do have people listening all over the world, in the middle of the Middle East, in the Mediterranean, in Russia, I mean, people are listening all over the world to this program, Quantico is a major Marine training base in Northern Virginia, just south of Washington, D.C., correct?...


along the Potomac...



Um, that, that came to me, and then, um, I was meeting with some friends, and I shared this information, and one woman said, well, we don't have to worry, because our son who's in the Military also, was getting ready to be deployed, and he told his parents, that, when, before he was deployed, they all had to fill out paperwork, to give the names and addresses of their relatives, so, that when the bad things happened that they were expecting, um, Military personnel would show up at the door of the relative and take them off to safe places.

This is a very, very puzzling piece of information, since when, does the United States Military, go out, identify family and friends of those in the Military, and go out and usher them off, independent of all the rest of the citizens of the United States, usher them off to safe places. Something doesn't add up here, does it?

No...I, I was raised in the Military, I married a Military man who served for 23 years in the Military and, um, that is not standard operating procedure in the Military today.

What would you, what do you understand, standard operating procedure, to be, in circumstances like this?

Being raised in a Marine Corps. family, if you weren't issued a family, you were not, it wasn't valid. I know that sounds silly, but it's like, um, the families always, in my experience, came second, it had to be, and it had to be, that their first goal, was to defend the country, thus, to achieve their missions, so, families, um, always knew, that they were not going to be taken care of. So, I was very surprised by that, uh, statement and I didn't say anything to her, because, I thought, you know, I don't need to rock her boat, but, that is not my experience at all, having been many, many, many years, involved in the Military.

Alright, so, we have a whole series, threaded together of these experiences, it's actually amazing, that you should have received all of this information, all, within a very short period of time. What was the distance of time, from the period of time, from the moment you heard the first piece of information, to this final piece of information?

I heard the first piece of information, Wednesday around noon, and the last one, Sunday around 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Alright, so, all this information is within the last week?


And it's just been accumulating.


What's your take on it?

My take, is that things are going to get very, very difficult in the United States of America, and I feel that, people need to, of course, look out for their physical safety, but, in the week that I have had to ponder this, I really feel this is a spiritual warning, that, people really need to be thinking, am I ready, to go, if God calls me now? I believe, that those who, uh, it does say in Isaiah 57:1, that there are good people who are taken away, so they will not have to experience, what's going to come on. So, it's very possible, that we might be praying that our families' are spared, and God, may, in His Mercy, be taking them. I do believe, that those who are left, those of us who are Christians, who are left, this may, indeed, be the time that we were created for, this may be where our perfs? flies in life, to bring people into the kingdom, to, um, help as many as we can.

Maybe, preparing the way of the Lord for...


...I mean, John the Baptist's ministry was only 6 months...Exactly.

...only 6 months and Jesus said, that there had never been a Prophet arise greater, than John the Baptist, 6 months ministry; who knows, friend, but that you are come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. When we get back, we will talk more about the implications for you, for our families, and how we should respond.

(Commercial break)

***The rest of the interview reveals little more hardcore information and a lot more sermonizing by Crismier. Again, if you want to read the entire transcript, just email me your request. ***


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