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I hung out with a defense industry high tech worker yesterday. I was interested in obtaining a vehicle of his. We got to talking and not knowing who I was, told me what he knows, openly. He works on the testing and manufacturing of missile housings. A multibillion dollar order for a specific type of missile gave a 6 months heads up on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other conflicts. The biggest order ever, may have just been placed.


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So in about 6 months, according to him, one of the biggest attacks on an enemy is about to take place. Bunker buster type missiles that have depleted uranium rods as the main concussion type explosion can penetrate 4 feet or more of heavily reinforced concrete. Some of these weapons are to be set up within the US and are part of the drone program.

From sometime in the 1980's satellites, fighter aircraft, helicopters, ships, ground vehicles, 747's, and C-130s, have been equipped with electronic pulse (EMP) and microwave weapons.

Bees and birds might be species most vulnerable to low level use of these weapons set on wide angle. When a house, or particular vehicle is a target of the weapons everything electronic fries including computers, cell phones, AC, heating, and other units. Vehicles won't run. Generators even that aren't running will be disabled. Microwave low level use can cause memory loss, anger, and confusion. Higher levels cause traumatic injury and death.

F-18 and/or F-22 fighter aircraft, called "the growlers", have been the primary 1st line attack aircraft with EMP and microwave weapons that look like radar pods that hang below the nose, or are the nose of aircraft. The F-35 is to be the new main platform. Pilots can be targeted to be unable to fly. Enemy aircraft and missiles can be fried electronically right out of the sky. The military has been careful to also use, or claim to use, conventional missile technology to cover up the real story of how military hardware, radar stations, power grids, aircraft, and vehicles are taken out of commission. Conventional weapons are back-up and are the cover story.

Anyone anywhere is a keystroke away from losing everything electronic, including their transportation. Anyone can receive low levels of microwave radiation to cause health problems, fatigue, confusion, anger, memory loss, and higher doses to kill. If you are at a fixed address, have a cell phone, or have a vehicle with tags, you can be a target anywhere anytime. Facial recognition software can be used when targeting crowds.
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NASA came up in the conversation with the SUV owner. Corporations allegedly buy percentage of use of satellites. International corporations can purchase spying power. License plates allegedly can be read in any weather from a distance of 30 miles.

If a satellite weapon can take out a pilot anywhere in the world from space, or any aircraft, since the 1980's, why weren't these weapons used on September 11, 2001? Had these weapons been used to protect us then the funding to our international occupiers would have been cut, would it have not?

Is it crazy to talk about what Reagan area top officials talked about in detail about in the 1980s? These programs were funded. The paper money in your pocket is issued by international corporations. These people own our US military, all policing, and rig all courts. Who are the real enemies?
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