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Blind Loyalty (is Dangerous)

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This article is sure to ruffle some feathers, as this subject always does. The Palestinian/Israeli conflict has been going on for awhile now. There are no easy solutions, I realize this. However, the controlling of the (American) media and withholding of evidence for the sole purpose of blind support, for strategic reasoning, is abhorrent and I am tired of people ignoring the obvious with this conflict.


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The title of this piece, "Blind Loyalty (is Dangerous)," comes from the (tentative) title of the book I am currently writing. And, for the sake of this article, it fits. Following any philosophy (made up by a flawed human being) is insane. To not question stuff that says to you, "What the f*ck?!" is ridiculous and extremely irresponsible.

The reason Blind Loyalty is the title of my book is because the (main) premise of my book is that people will say and do just about anything if they believe in the person or cause. I would like to point out that this philosophy is a dangerous one. The reason being: usually logic and reasoning fly out the window. Usually, the person employing this mentality does not need evidence to support their stance. For the most part, these folks run on pure emotion and "faith."

Logic and reasoning never seem to fall into line at any point with these folks.

Take the United States relationship with Israel, for instance. (Non-Jewish) American Citizens will point to "but they are our allies!" when discussing whether we should back a particular action they (Israelis) have made against the Palestinians and their people. Even when you point to atrocities, these very same folks will turn a blind eye to the atrocity, simply because we are told that we back them up, no matter what. That is very dangerous thinking. This means, even when presented with evidence of wrongdoing, these folks will ignore anything negative, because they are told to blindly obey whatever the national policy may be; even if that policy is violating human rights in the process.

Why do I bring this up, you may ask?

This morning, as I sipped my coffee at Peet's this morning, I picked up The Berkeley Voice and had a nice little read. I began reading letters to the editor about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. I do not watch much (if any) television these days. I have had quite enough of that bullshit. If I want to be insulted, I will simply tell Giants' Fans that I am a Dodger's Fan. I do write online, obviously, so I see what is hot in the news from my Yahoo! page. And lately, the conflict over there is getting a bit hot and heavy. Now, this conflict has been going on ever since the United Nations (United States, really) decided that post-war (Holocaust) Jews needed a safe place to land. And I am fine with that. I am not Anti-Semitic, therefore I don't mind helping them escape certain death from the insanity of Nazi Germany. Never mind they could have come to the United States (Because we did not want them here either, since this country was [and still is to a large part] Anti-Semitic.), but We needed a strategic outpost in that region, for oil and world domination reasons.

Again, I am not Anti-Semitic. Some are going to think so, because I don't swallow the Fruit Punch like the rest of the mindless hoards in this nation, but I am most certainly not against an entire race of people -- unless it's the "'human' 'race,'" then I am -- that would be silly and ignorant. But what I will not do, what I cannot do, is blindly support anyone. Especially when that entity is committing atrocity after mind-numbing atrocity. And, ironically enough, the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians what the Germans did to them. By marginalizing the Palestinians, killing their people, and (literally) pushing them off their lands, and into the general direction of the (Mediterranean) sea, the Israelis have seemingly become Nazis them selves?

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I am going to post three "letters to the editor" from The Berkeley Voice's Friday, November 30, 2012 (today's) article. Two are chiding the Israelis for their latest assault on the Palestinians, and one is a pro-Israeli supporter. First off, I will give you the anti-position of that conflict, and then the pro-side, and then the anti-side, once more. I would have two pro-side arguments, but there isn't another one to post, otherwise I would. So don't yell at me for this (perceptibly) unbalanced point, because it's not. What I will point out, though, is how things are worded. How matter of fact the pro-side is, and how they (Purposefully?) ignore certain aspects of this conflict, while the anti-side points to actual events. The pro-side of this debate chimes the same, tired bell. It's the same mantra I've heard many times before.

The other two are at least pointing to the actual events themselves.

Government of Gaza is Hamas

"How do you like our newly re-elected president saying that it was OK with him if Israeli kills a few hundred more Palestinians, and blows up their electricity generators and police stations because they complained so much about the assassinations of their people, the theft of their land and water, and for making Gaza into the largest penal colony in the world?

Just so you know, the government of Gaza is Hamas, fairly elected to govern. Since then, the United States, Israel, and Europe have shown what we think of people who elect whom they want when we don't want them to.

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From the Israeli perspective, the Palestinians are despised. It is not a role they sought. Rather, it is being forced upon them, and Israel and the United States don't like the Palestinians to bobject. Particularly galling to Israel and the United States is their application to get a seat at the United Nations, where they would have a platform to complain about injustice.

The Palestinians don't seem to understand: Israel wants their land because they were promised it by God. Their book says it is their land. So why don't the Palestinians just go? Why don't they get the message? They have been given lots of reasons to leave, but they won't go. Perhaps because they are locked in?

Observing the bully pummel their little neighbor, what else can Israel's ultimate goal be but the total destruction of Palestine? They don't need to say it to mean it. And good ol' President Obama is going to cheer them on because Israel is our partner in the Middle East and because the pro-Israel lobby in this country is absolutely massive.

Jews and Arabs did live in peace before the Zionists came, Maybe if the Zionists left Israel the problem would go away."

-Curtis Manning -- Berkeley

I love the final sentence. That is my stance. Religious bullshit has been the problem in this conflict since day one, and it's the Zionists (or 'Christians') who have caused all this mess. Christians. Not Muslims. The United States loves playing the game of calling the Palestinians the enemy, because their religious ideology is different than ours. Now, I am not supporting the Palestinian's religious philosophy either, mind you. I do not support any religious philosophy that allows for the systematic removal and extinction of a people, no matter who they are. So, if the Palestinians are ruling themselves like the Israelis, and are pushing their religious agendas toward those they despise (as well), that is something I do not support. So, I am not so blind as to see both sides are doing this. However, only one side seems to like lying more than the other [side]. Especially where actions are concerned and how they are denied or just not brought up. And, they are better at it than that other side. And, they have the power of the United States "News" Media behind them, too.

The Propaganda is thick in these parts of the world, because of Our (United States of America's) allegiance to Israel.

How the United States can support this nonsense, with all we talk about "justice" and "fairness" is beyond me.

Now, to the pro-Israeli stance:

This Is What Hamas Does

"Nabil Wahbeh's Nov. 23 letter in the Times about Palestinian "rights" was published just a couple days after Israel had been bombarded by Hamas with some 1,500 rockets in a little over a week. Wahbeh's letter, as usual, makes no mention of such a fact.

Hamas' "resistance" is not to Israeli "occupation" of Gaza. Israel isn't occupying Gaza. What Hamas "resists" is Israel's occupation of Israel itself. Hamas wants to end Israel's existence.

And Israel does not "attack" boats bringing "humanitarian" aid to Gaza. Israel necessarily controls passage of items across the borders of Gaza to protect itself against unfettered entry of arms into Hamas territory for use against it. Any boats seeking to bring items into Gaza are inspected, and their humanitarian aid brought into Gaza through Israel.

As President Obama and the leaders of practically all the world's major countries stated, Israel has the right -- and the duty -- to defend its people against such attacks, just as any other country in the world would."

-Joel Ackerman -- Richmond

Sorry for the length of this article, by the way, but the conflict we're discussing has been quite lengthy, so that is why this piece will be so lengthy.

Okay, I have a ton of issues with Mr. Ackerman's response. First off, as I pointed to earlier, his words are more of the Status Quo being the Status Quo, never making concessions (something Hitler also employed). He also likes to point to Nabil Wahbeh's column and chastises, "Wahbeh's letter, as usual, makes no mention of such a fact," when discussing rocket attacks on Israel, but also makes no mention of the fact that Israel was the instigator in this latest round of mortar attacks. The next letter to the editor will point out how things went down over there, and how the American "News" Media has not reported any of these attacks. And Mr. Ackerman's choice to put quotations around "rights," "resistance," "occupation," "resists," attack," and "humanitarian," in the context of which he was speaking, shows me he does not get it. Just like most pro-Israeli people, they believe that land is theirs to do what they like, because it was given to them fair and square (by their deity and the United Nations)... but it wasn't.

Sure, the United Nations went through the necessary and legal voting process and made it so, sure... but that does not mean that it was morally just. That does not mean they weren't all fooled or just couldn't see that far down the road. In fact, to displace an entire race of people to put another entire race of people in that very same place is abhorrent. And now, the Palestinians are trying to fight for that land back, and they are being ostracized and marginalized, daily, for doing so. There is nothing noble in this fight where "Israel" is concerned, because they came into this from a highly incorrect place. They came into this being victims of one of the worst acts of the twentieth century, and ended up becoming what they hate most. Irony. I love it. It is everywhere.

Reminds me of all the good will the United States squandered after 9.11.01, just so a few wealthy a**holes could make a butt-load of cash on financing an illegal war... sound familiar?

I find it highly ironic and somewhat perplexing that a nation like the United States of America could employ such logic; the logic that says, "God gave them that land, therefore they deserve it!," when we are supposed to be a "secular nation." This means we do not get involved (and especially do not endorse, support, nor involve ourselves in) in matters of religious conflict. Yet, here we are? Secondly, couldn't we say that about this nation -- the United States of America? Couldn't we also point to how the Native Americans were displaced and should be allowed to take back all their land. Because, I am sure you could find something in their belief system that points to their deity bestowing them the very land we talk out both sides of our asses on a daily basis? So, everyone pro-Israel who resides in the United States of America better get packing. I mean, you don't want to be trespassing now, would you? Plus, you are pro-Israel. You should have to live in the place you have your government aiding and attacking people, otherwise you are nothing but a raging-hypocrite and a gutless-coward.

Enough of that clown's retort, here is the one I saved for last, because it is so correct:

News Articles Don't Tell All

"Nov. 15 and 16 news articles describing the Israeli assault on Gaza fail to tell readers the full story of provocation that led to the rocket attacks.

Israel was the original aggressor, invading Gaza with eight tanks and four bulldozers on Nov. 8 and killing a boy playing soccer. Israeli shells then continued to fall on Gaza civilians, leaving at least six dead over four days.

Gaza fighters responded with rockets, but on Nov. 12 Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire. Two days later, Israel broke the agreement, killing a party leader and beginning an aerial assault with the full might of its sophisticated weaponry.

And yet we are told nothing of this sequence of events. Instead, Hamas alone, not Israel, is accused of initiating hostilities. And Israeli's alone, not the people of Gaza, are allowed the right to self-defense."

Barbara Erickson -- Berkeley

Hmm... now, why do you suppose the American "News" Media would leave out such information? Maybe because it does not fit their agenda?

The problem with coming from such a dishonest place is, eventually, the entire world will see it. Forces, some call them "evil," have been influencing the world to believe chicanery and obfuscation in the past, so it should not be too shocking to find out that a lot of the world is against the Palestinians. When information is purposefully withheld, that (inaction) is the same as lying. And the "1,500 rockets" point takes on an entire new meaning when you find out of how this latest round of attacks occurred. How you get there is important, people. I am one of those "means-justifies-the-ends" sort-of-guy. I believe those things matter. I believe that if you establish anything out of lies and deceit, it will fall on lies and deceit.

Eventually, people will see through it.

What the "Israelis" have been doing for fifty-odd years is they have been pushing the Palestinian People farther out... into the ocean. They allow them to live in small chunks of land they do not want for their own selfish ends, but do not allow them safe transport of goods to survive? And then cloak the attacks on those vessels as "self-preservation"?

What the United Nations has done by allowing this nonsense to occur (and fester like a wound that was not mended) is they have created a new-type Nazi. Only this Nazi can cloak itself in the solace that they can use that very logic to suppress, control, and outright murder, and all the while, use what happened to their people (in recent history) as a buffer between their words, actions, and eventually, responsibility. They ('United States of America' and 'Israel') are Liars. "Israel" continues to murder innocent women and children and nothing comes of it from those (United Nations) who made this mess?

Well, except retaliation, which is then spun into "they're coming right for us!"


-James Richard Armstrong II


I'm a homeless student, writer, and activist... currently panhandling my way through school (and life.).
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